@Devs NB: Combo tutorial needs rework ASAP, 1% have done 100 combos


Slow motion is because the enemy perform perfect block to you and interrupt your combo. That’s why is hard to perform a combo because enemy always perfect block. Even a farmer in the middle of no where can perfect block like master swordsman…


Well, poor peasant bandits are usually not good in blocking, so in theory they can’t interrupt combo, but here is the thing - you don’t need some combo-mastery in a fight with them. Stab couple of times and it is over, come for next one. With high level weapons even one strike is enough.

And those fights, where you can want to try combo because enemy is too well armored - well, there is nearly impossible to finish combos, thanks to the fact that enemy will block. My best bet in such fights is a “Sting” shortsword and fast stab strikes multiple times in a row. It is easy, fast and pretty efficient - right as real knife fight is just about entering the clinch and cosplaying sewing machine.

Maybe problem is in weapon stats progression - top-level weapons make you some real one-shot-killer. Don’t know actually.


Combo tutorial doesn’t need to be reworked. PPL don’t use combos because they are just out of meta or in other words shit. They are not effective in actual fight and very risky to perform. As I said before: Master Strike / Clinch / Chains (1-2 strikes) are much more reliable atm.


I have been trying and trying to trigger a combo. But playing on a PC I find it impossible. I guess my game is to watch them move and see a chance to poke them with my long sword and then if that works follow it up with a chain. It works great. Both the master strike and the combos seem to be out of sink with just actually watching the enemy weapons and movement. I cannot take my eyes off of them long enough to do this special stuff. But I will keep trying, maybe once I see it in action I will get to see the fun of it. But it kind of sounds like the mercy kill thing, More fun to just keep chopping him for me.


is it me or are master strikes from NPCs much more common now


I haven’t noticed an increased frequency. But this is obviously ancedotel.


Keep trying. They will come. It’s all in the muscle memory, which takes a while to develop as the AI will perfect block and master strike messing up your timing. Also get rid of all mo