DLC Roadmap


Maybe Henry can join a gang or fight them.
Both awesome.
I was blown away by the vanilla game so expectations are high for this stuff.


Love what I’m seeing… Love what I’m seeing…

Combat Academy and Tournaments? Hello, hello… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


A black noble hat!, on the guy in the foreground. I want one.


I really hope Hardcore mode (also) means harder economy! :slight_smile:


I’m very excited for the future of this game and series!!


That’s right! It has no connection to the timeline because it is the last task after everything is polished and finished (in WH eyes). I’m so excited if it offers the same possibilities as the origin, Crysis! :sunny:


well that fuckin sucks… lol the tournament is damn near last.i wish that was 1st. with the way that looks, i guess they really do need money.


I hope it means hardcore sex scenes


A woman’s lot is due out about the end of 1st quarter of 2018. The roadmap ends at the onset of 2019. Taking your words and the roadmap at face value that means the last DLC isn’t on the roadmap or mod support isn’t happening before 2019… iow, mod support is irrelevant to the roadmap

A simpler explanation would seem to be that WH hasn’t finalized its deal with Crytek and therefore mod support is a goal (during this time period) but the implementation plan is unknown


i hope not, i dont wana play a woman’s lot and have to bang a bunch of dudes. … wtf lol


That’s a good logical explanation. Especially for the missing line! :slight_smile:


I think that will be all for that game or part of game. One year plus patches for these DLC’s will be enough. But nobody can give a guarantee for no delays :wink:


will these DLC,s be part intergrated into the main storyline or separate? if separate will they be before,during or after the main story?


No, you’ve misread it. Note the marker for New Year.


Underground sexcult questline.


I’m with you on that. Have no interest in pork sword (con)quests


Good question. I finished the MQ, but have yet to take the final step to end the game. Now completely pumped to rebuild Prybislavitz w/ some of my 155k groschen…
Also - can we assume from the post above about E3, and the timeline, that “From the Ashes” will be available in June?


Yes, thank you. correction noted. Larger point stands


Think so. Believe I read Tobi/WH would have something special at E3 :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

As with you, dying to do something with the pile of groschen. Now at ~1.300.000 :money_mouth_face:


No 50 storey glass office blocks in Prybislavitz, please!


Make Prybislavitz Great Again