DLC Roadmap


If silver didn’t tarnish, I’d silver plate everything :yum:


Is the timline accurate? Because if so, the Hans Capon DLC is in the middle, that would meane June. And “From the Ashes” would have been in March or April.


Niiiiice!! already on the site!! :wink: http://lesplayersdudimanche.com/dlc-pour-kingdom-come/ for French knights…


Hardcore mode sounds really fun. Super realism? Maybe even better than the mods?

I’m salivating at the mouth.


Definitely worth a try! Permanent limb damage? Communicable diseases? Cuman archers that actually shoot like veterans? Low food supply (in a land ravaged by invasion)?


Already done in the Lucius games


Frel not aimed at you (discussion about modding), just your question highlights-

Blockquote[quote=“frelmedieval, post:21, topic:56958”]
fwiw, FO4’s creation kit was available before the Far Harbor (and other) DLC.

With the awareness that the creation kit already existed (built for gamebryos other entity, Skyrim) when fallout was being built, the DLCs could have had some skeleton in place and it all go forward.

The tools devs use inhouse are often not ‘general public’ ready. In fact many commercial products live and die by their documemtation.
Even some rpgmaker/vnmaker stuff would be a nightmare if we couldnt watch a few youtube clips…

Making button graphics self explanatory/layout and limitations (modders shouldnt have EVERY tool at their disposal) takes some thought and this is something that once in the wild cant be recanted.

Well thought out tools/initial reception will be important.
If they come out strong, and the game is succesful many will join. Many mods means more players. More players means more life to the game (more interest to make mods for).

The modding tools will have maximum effect if they come out with some polished dlc or rerelease.
Polished dlc will be important.
Last thing you want is to give broken dlc and then bored gamers (waiting for fixes/to play) will go mental with the mod tools.
Give players a great working medieval world and their mods will be built to suit.
Give gamers a joke and jokes is what they will make.
Not sure how to interpret the initial skyrim mods being things like spiders looking like spiderman…


Not at all.
Skyrim had the most success due to the average age of gamers widening and it attempting to offer them ALL something.
Elderscrolls games have improved graphically over the years. That isnt why Skyrim is more olayed than Oblivion (like playing bioshock 2 and going back to bioshock; the single hand mechanic elseems not play friendly); so whilst systems have improved from a playability front (eg dual wielding/hand mechanics); just aboit every other facet of the game has been dumbed down, sorry, -=ahem=- ‘simplified’.

Gamers like easy. Like never failing. Like ‘rules light’ gameplay. Skyrim generally offers little threat/fear of dieing. No one cares. Combat is stupid and not very engaging. I have thousands of hours in Skyrim but it has never been more than a medieval walking simulator for me. (With a few hundred mods I can make the land immersive and quite engaging)

Gamers found Skyrim the most accesible due to it not allowing players to fail; certainly not punished them for silly decisions.
There are a few challenges sure (?Markarth vampire) but they are exceptions and have no inherent balance.

Oblivion did the same thing and it was a modder Obscuro-eek spelling (who made the OOO /obscurios Oblivion Overhaul) that saved the day for Oblivion

Made the game so much better that bethesda either hired or consulted with them for Skyrim.

The best thing aboit the overhaul was getting away from enemies that scaled with the character in EVERY DUNGEON.
No! If I walk into an end of game dungeon with a low level character IWANT TO BE DESTROYED.
motivates me to play and level up my character and buy/build better equipment.

I think a lot of game design (beyond bethesda apparently) is needed to make a game challenging to everyone/meet everyones needs.
Mature gamers might want some challenges that those new to games or roleplaying games might not be ready for.
Skyrim was ‘a one product for all’ program that had widespread appeal. (And no challenge/fun for series veterans who likely lamented it was yet another step backwards from Morrowind)
Morrowind was daunting. It wouldnt grab a player right away (okay it would but then shatter their game expectation in the first cave they enter)… Morrowind required time and patience. That same engagement required by it would have sent many gamers packing/moving on.
It was typical of an RPG in that era; generally only played by 5-10% of gamers interested.
RPGs have always been niche.
Skyrim, like what Beats did with headphones, made RPGs ‘cool again’.

Lets consider Skyrim as the diving board at ground level.
You can try it. Most likely will like it (not too scarey or difficult).
Some go to the 10m tower, some seek out the top diving board only found in select pools…

KCD is the 20m tower.
The board came out rigid and needed some flexibility added. And some grip.
Now it is not unintentionally dangerous and offers a reliable platform.
It will improve.
It really isnt on the same level as the witcher (vastly more desirable for many), and shares a level with divinity (original sin) and others yet it is not polished enough yet to have its own pool/line.

Being best known isnt always the thing to achieve. Having gamers know your market designation (and sticking to it!) is worthwhile.

KCD could become the hardcore RPG gamers desperately seek. (Its R rating ensures a certain demographic)

If Warhorse stick to the plan their life ahead is assured. (Quality being acceptable)


So what do all these DLC’s mean for the Main storyline?

Are they working on that alongside these other, side, adventures?

Because I’ll be honest, the only DLC shown I’m interested in is From the Ashes, and maybe Band of Bastards. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less about the others and would much rather see the focus be on the Storyline itself and the next Chapter.


This I’d love to know, I’d rather not start a fresh new game every update :tired_face:


I’m really exited for the hardcore mode, when exactly does that update release? I assume this Friday? I don’t see specific dates on the charts :grin:


I will assume tomorrow lunch time.


The steam builds reveal a new ‘test build’ went up recently…
Anyreason why mentioning ‘this friday’? Is there a planned update due then?(with talk being for hardcore mode with next patch?)

I think I belong to tribe waitandsee.

On reflection is anyone else seeing why the devs post on twitter their news.
Posting here ensures a bunch of people, all with ‘just one question’ demand ‘more info’.

From a mental health perspective’ being ignored is really hard for people to take. They generally prefer targeted anger or any action/reaction to outright ignoration.

Warhorse seems to be filled with nice creative types who wouldnt wish unhappiness on anyone. Hence the emphatic driving need to go on responding.

I take a grain of news and more input in the forums as a great thing and not to be taken lightly.

Now; lay hands on me next.
(JC Superstar /the temple)


Console pleb (PS4) fan-boy a-hole here, and I don’t care about mod support - just give me more things to do, ASAP! I’ll pay just about anything for the DLC to come. Especially “From the Ashes”, if it is re-building Prybislavitz.


Fwiw, went back and re-watched segment from Reboot (18:25:13). WH created a writing tool/text editor to support KCD development. It’s called skalf (sp?)


I had assumed Friday was update week :wink:

Yet other types of folks carry a strong trait of talking down to others, In a condescending way. Giving one a feeling of, superiority of a sort. Some people simply need top be “humbled” in life.

We need some more high horses in here, maybe the’ll implement that in the next patch. For those not quite sitting high enough. :roll_eyes:

That all being said, I am aware that there is a lot of younger folks in here, who have yet to learn some manners. Thus appreciating what info the Dev’s do give us.


Idk, for me words always seemed stronger then actions themselves. Thus the old quote the pen being mightier then the sword. That and “Don’t always say what you know, but always know what you say”

I always get worked up over words :stuck_out_tongue:

You are well spoken Whitedragem :wink:


…know what you say (I like that one)

Yes I believe actions>words; kept trying to reassure many zealots (who thought an RPG game needing patches indicates that WH doesnt care),… when the 'actions’was a studio never taking a break and working non stop towards a better product.

I see a lot of positive action.
With regards to high horsers- maybe we need to stop acting all pleb and get a horse ourselves? Or move on if not our group to forage with…

I know my words are often caustic and flaming (chinese fire dragon) and I speak ‘matter of factly’ often.
Lead/follow/get out of way- Id rather lead.
To my benefit is how willing I am to take on info and try to fit it into my worldview. A lot off stuff just lingers in the not likely/not possible realms; but I am always looking for the breakthrough that qualifies/quantifies it.

Eg david bohms holographic theory of reality really rocked my world as a teenager.
Apparently last year some quantum physicists convurred key truths?
Dont know -didnt read; tao of physics kinda was a bible for that sorta stuff.

When it comes to technology (my forte) I dont hold back too often as otherwise some confident sounding imbecile will always draw the attention of the masses.

I certainly dont put human neediness in front of facts that need be shared.
But that gets back to not having to say “everything you know…”

I do enjoy long rants in the forum.
At midnight in light rain even.
To be fair I do all my writing on an android phone and so I rarely edit my posts (nor can I see the bodyof text I am replying too).
My writing here is as unprofessional as I can muster and I dont hold back.

Cheers for smileys

Edit: +1d ya next post: awesomeness!



I think I tend to be more introverted, observe from a distance. I enjoy watching Joe Rogan podcast from time to time, nice and simple :grinning: That and a bunch of Stephan Cobert/ John Stewart, great guys!

Sounds like you know how much there is to know, That’s refreshing. Others assume they know everything, simply because they don’t actually know how much there is to know.

You can never go wrong with Smiley faces:

" Scientists have discovered that when we look at a smiley face online, the same parts of the brain are activated as when we look at a real human face. Our mood changes, and we might even alter our facial expressions to match the emotion of the emoticon"



It would also be great to see maybe some new villages arround (expanded map) but I think this won’t happen.
This Roadmap already hyped me damn much. :smiley:


Will there be a follow up to how the game ended, with Henry and Hans going off together to plan their next move? Also the description says “Stand your ground on the battlefield” Is this hinting at larger scale field battles? Finally is the modding support available on ps4 and will it allow external assets?