DLC Roadmap


There will be a kcd 2 where the mainquest continues.


bhaahah band of bastards and sir hans dlc sign me up. now I have solid reason to pick this up on pc now.


Well, Hans is supposed to have a child in 1404, so he should be fucking (pun intended) quick.


This will be the questline😂

If you fail the deed…game over your legacy has been lost


No news about dog companion? :frowning:


sorry but i’m confused, what DLC is the the next act for the main story???


None of the ones in the picture.

The story will continue in part 2 of the game.


The dog companion is planned for the last DLC “a womans lot”

@Lancelot, the main story will be continued in the next game, not in a DLC.


Wooooo000000t awesome reveal!!!
Its crazy but none of my regular game news channels report on the dlc news. I live in holland.


ahh ok, so that is 2019 I guess…


Thank you.

So “A womans lot” is about Theresa? Or is it playable female character? Or maybe both? :slight_smile:


Insane economy realistic archery and realistic plate armor, attack speed, difficulty and damage. No horse inventory. Horse can die. Hard Combat and … otherwise skipped


Are you have plans on expanding game mechanics and not just continue the storyline ?


His son wasn’t just local nobody, he was quite important, so the noble seed is needed ASAP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hynce_Ptáček_of_Pirkstein honestly, can’t wait


I hope once all the dlc outputs that there will be a local mods 2 players with Henry and Thérèsa. I mean local and no multiplayer.


I say that to encourage players to buy the game a second time for a friend. Thanks to that additional funds will come back to the developers and thus facilitate the development of a next installment (the continuation) then it would allow at the same time to reward them for their work provided … I say that, I say nothing;)


Excited to see this DLC news!!! Will definitely be buying it.


not gonna happen (smells too much lke Bethesda’s Creation Club) but would rather WH collaborate with some modders to bring expansions/DLCs to consoles. without such an effort, console users are :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:'ed. for me, i don’t care. i’d pay to enable (reward) such efforts


I’m sorry to say but the console players have just the ones they want, they know very well that console mods are not very present.
Simply because it is not for. After yes, I understand that there are skyrim with the mods on the console but it is an exception more Bethesda have financial means higher than those of WH, I guess, so console mods that may not happen if early for KCD.


heelo, this really sound interesting I have just one question doesn any of these DLCs includ map expansion?