Do any of you find the female characters... derpy looking?


Not sure if this is the right section for this
Anyways before I start this post I would like to say, in the case of any of the actors reading this, I apologize and I’m sure this game doesn’t do you justice
Now with that out of the way
I was watching the promotional video (trailer) and I noticed that henry was dancing with a girl. Ok, but why does she look… ugly i would go so far to say
same with bianca and his mother in gameplay of the tutorial thats on youtube
Like sure I get that they wouldn’t be supermodels or anything but at least make them look slightly better, we still are playing a game and if i am to spend any large amount of time interacting with a certain woman I’d want her to be pleasant on the eyes

Anyways this wouldnt be such a problem if the men in the story looked as bad, but it is just the women that seem to look derpy


These were face-scanned. People allowed WarHorse to use their likenesses. If you aren’t going to play the game just because a certain character is ugly, then you shouldn’t be playing this game at all.

If you don’t like the face-scans, either ignore them, or don’t play the game.

The scans are there to stay.


Geez calm down lol
I’m not saying that i won’t play cause of their appearance
However what I am saying is that while it may not be realistic to have a supermodel for a girlfriend in the game, it would be nice to have a better looking character than what we have been shown


Like I said before, if you don’t like the models then ignore them or don’t play i t.

They aren’t changing them this late in development.


I actually kinda like Theresa, she is pretty in her own way :slight_smile:




And I’m not saying that they will or even should
I’m literally just saying lol
no need to get so testy


no one is getting “testy”. we are just explaining that there’s no point in complaining about this this late in development.


Both…hehe you know me


You’ll find one appealing…or just get drunk and they will all look pretty…works on me


I would like to disagree
Read your initial post, it certainly sounds rather aggressive, with you basically telling me not to play the game because I have an issue with the game.


“Anyways this wouldnt be such a problem if the men in the story looked as bad, but it is just the women that seem to look derpy” -closet fang 2018

So you find the men quite attractive and the women Not so much. Gotcha …

:smile: loving these new topics popping up.


I do find them derpy looking, just like their real life counterparts are. Yay realism!


This is what mods on Skyrim did to people… They want uber-anime girls in every game with 146% looks. Fall on the ground lads, IRL doesn’t look like that. And don’t forget, when you’re talking about models in the game you’re insulting actors behind them, cus those are their faces. :smirk:


What?.. You mean Lydia won’t be in KCD?.. Well now, I don’t know if I can ever play KCD or any other game, that doesn’t have Lydia in it?.. (Sarcasm off).


I would also say that how you percieve women in game is also influenced by medieval fashion. Even contemporary supermodels would look “derpy” with hair tied in medieval way and in medieval dress. Times are changing, you know …


I don’t get it. I find them normal.


Do you have any examples of derpy looking characters?


I would like to see the real people faces. For example actress of Henry’s mother looks different and Theresa’s as well. I also couldn’t find Bianca’s actress face.


I love all the characters in the game, even all of those that I will need to loot, beat up and kill. :grin: