Do any of you find the female characters... derpy looking?


These are faces he’s talking about:
June 2017 E3 Build Bianka

November 2017 PS4 Pro Bianka taken by camera

June 2017 E3 Build Mother

November 2017 PS4 Pro Mother taken by camera

June 2017 E3 Build Theresa

I’m still looking for that one video of Theresa from later build.


The first two, Sure the models look unfinished (hair looks not ready)

Theresa and Henry’s models look okay. I mean Henry’s mother will only be in the game for 30 Minutes so yeah, not going to have a huge budget for a character you barely see.
And Theresa looks normal to me.


I actually addressed that in my initial post
Where i did apologize to the actors in the case that they happened to see this post


I wasn’t talking about you, i was talking in general. But, you did right thing. :slight_smile:


ah yeah thanks
I am the only one insulting them in this post though


Hair and somehow the eyes. But these are post-processing issues.

This game would really profit from a HairWorks upgrade (Definitely not release or first, second, third patch though).

Actually it is possible in the CryEngine but there is no native supported , @warhorse would have to have manually implement it.

Oh my, I will just patiently waiting for the first expansion pack


they look realistic, like the male characters. you honestly think they should face scan male and female underwear models like derp effect?


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Mine is clear. :slightly_smiling_face: This dot is repeating every 5 comment boxes.




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I agree with the op, so far all the women in the game are ugly. one of the reasons i liked witcher 3 so much is because the game had hot babes.


women without makeup aren’t that good looking. that said, we’ve seen like 5 female characters so far, there are plenty of others. witcher 3’s women also have a range, some of the prostitutes are busted looking.


but at least there’s a range in the witcher
where the main heroines, or basically those who show up multiple times tend to be eyecandy to say the least

in this case the upper ranger is overly realistic, or even fantastically (with the meaning of fantasy) ug…derpy looking

also there is also a range of women who look good without makeup, i mean the first girl i crushed on seriously only started with makeup in university, i would know cause i made a habit of touching her face every so ofter (lol wonder why i’m still single)


While I don’t agree that the females should be better looking (finally real women in games, yay), I do agree about that “derpy” look. But I think it is influenced by two factors.
One is, like mentioned before by Kakyou, the hair and eye shader. They still look dull and kind of plastic or glassy, not fitting to the rest of the face. It’s been a topic a few times, especially about Henry.
The second is this kind of naive demeanor the girl impresses. It’s something I personally don’t like but was probably chosen to show youth and kindness. And actually is found in Henry’s big eyed face, too.
Those two people don’t look like the typical hero or heroine you usually encounter in videogames. In western games, the man always looks fierce and edgy while you get a choice between lolita or hot model for the woman. And as much as it takes to getting used to those unexpected looks, I really endorse Warhorse for taking another route.

If their looks aren’t your eye candy, maybe their personalities will be your heart candy :wink:


they’re actually totally fine and good looking. people are too used to hollywood look where actresses have an hours worth of make up work before being in front of the camera. also, smill’s wife(the guy at the horse ranch) was good looking and that’s just a minor side character. we don’t need every female to be a hottie in this game.


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there is a reason for that, most of them are mages, they literally have control over the way they look.


To be honest, they all look like barbie dolls, including Geralt.


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