Do any of you find the female characters... derpy looking?


Geralt is a metrosexual fruitcake and the sorceresses gave themselves magic hot body according to the lore. KCD should be different, I say let the derp reign!


Found her: Theresa.


case closed. look at the end of the video. she looks fine.


uh maybe for you.
Thats not great. Like dont get me wrong I’ll still play, and im sure modders will make them look better eventually, but this is not case closed


I’m glad to see you’ve adapted to the shit posting. You’ve come a long way my friend.


10:41 laughed my ass off.


post one in game character that is as good looking as that. inb4 some unrealistic sex toy looking thing from witcher 3 or korean cosmetic surgery simulator black desert


lol theres no way to beat that argument
I post a regular looking character = "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
and for your inb4 you can literally say that for any relatively hot character

well whatever
obviously witcher 1 and 2
resident evil
dead or alive
mass effect
dragon age
final fantasy
Tomb raider
hell even league, warcraft, eso, overwatch make it there

but thats not the point, the point here is that they are not attractive characters. Below average even with how the game shows them


yeah this doesn’t look retarded at all


just like how there are people who like big cleavers in videogames and think DRAEGUNTS are cool, i like real looking swords, and real looking characters and environments. so the fact that one of henry’s potential romance options looks like natalie portman without the makeup isn’t at all a problem for me.


Know what
Fuck it you win i’m done with you.
Happy? There leave me alone.


Only in a transient kind of way. I mean noone is ever truly happy.


… dammit
way to ruin my speech lol




Still waiting for the RELEASE of the game, before playing it…so…But I personally am tired, VERY tired of ridiculous and utterly idiotic clothing, armour and looks of women in video games.

and many men as well.

IE the later ME games, where the women were all turbo glossed up boobalicious femme fatal, the guys ridiculously large hunks with the cheast of an ox on steroids; or witcher, where the women fighters still had high heels, and pretty much every girl ran around in super heavy modern makeup.

Im looking forward to realistic and actually relatable characters.

I am also almost certain, that to some degree, many people are just super spoilt by 99% of all women these days spending an hour or more each day in the morning, slapping on putty, paint and fake details.


Well, almost all important female characters in Witcher games are either have elven ancestry or they are sorceresses who looks young and attractive thanks to their magic. And those few who don’t have a reason for their otherworldly beauty were described as such in the books.

Yes, wearing high heels while fighting is ridiculous but that is the very reason Ciri is wearing them. She was a member of a Robin Hood like rebellious youth gang and they were shaping up the fashion of Nilfgaardians with thier rebellious and ridiculous clothing. Ciri started wearing high heels while in that gang and all other members of the gang are murdered when the gang have its first real challenge with a skilled swordman. Wearing high heels is her own way of remembering her friends and first lover. If CDPR didn’t modelled her with high heels, they would face the wrath of books fans.


i vote the women 10/10 would bang again


It is still an age old trope and clichee, that female main characters always have to be super beautiful. And that some authors happen to make up some flimsy in-world excuse for it, doesn’t really make it much better, either.

High heels, for example, are not just fashion. they are actively unpractical. they SEVERELY limit the range of motions available at your feet and lower stability, which is pretty shite in actual fencing and combat.
I am relatively sure the reason ciri is wearing heels is to look sexy, and the rest is an excuse made up after the fact.

And in general, it is sometimes striking how is some games, and TV and Film etc the men are filthy dirty and crude, but the important female characters of course clean, beautiful, often well covered with make up and hair beautifully dressed.

The Witcher, for example, is one of my favourite games, because it has a world, that appears somewhat plausible; houses are not all ugly shiteholes in variants of grey, black and shite, but most appear as if someone could plausibly would have wanted to live in them. Etc.

Super sexy immaculate und high heeled, made up superwomen are just one of a whole list of very tired old tropes and clichees I have grown fed up with. Just like the “oh, the chosen one who cant defeat a dead rat at first, but is destined to save the universe. Again in the DLCs…TWICE!!” stuff, mind numbingly idiotic fetch quests and all that crap.

And that is exactly the reason I so eagerly await KC:D, because it seems to break out of these boring old molds.


Well, I have seen some footage of the alpha 1.1 and my thoughts were completely opposite. IMO the women look really good. And in general the people look very nice. I would expect that medieval people wold look worse. And also they seem pretty tall for those times. Especially females.


Yes, they are unpractical and author himself was pointing it out in the books with both comments from experienced swordmen and events. Like I said, other than Ciri all male and female members of the gang, who were all wearing high heels, died the first time they faced a confident swordman.

Unlike writers of games and movies, authors of books don’t have to write super beautiful characters. Old and ugly sorceresses who are using magic to look young and beautiful in contrast to their male counterparts who are using magic to look old and seasoned is a social commentary of the author.