Do any of you find the female characters... derpy looking?


How did this post turn from “they look ugly/derpy” to they shouldnt wear high-heels
Yeah no shit high heels are terrible for combat, i dont even know if they existed at the time, and if women would even be willing to wear them at the time
I was mostly talking about their faces. Actually, entirely about the faces


I don’t know, when I’m fighting people I personally like to wear my stilettos :joy:


wait was that a joke?


Possibly, depends on how funny you found it :joy:


Kinda falls into the whole video game trope, that seemingly has made some peopl expect uber-models to represent medieval women in KC:D

As per height, in medieval times, actually people were, on average, barely any shorter than in modern times. it really was the 17th century to early 19th C. that, thanks to industrialisation and other developments, caused average height to take a dip.


Oh great, these kinds of forum elitists have already popped up.


Actually :smiley: I am a model…real life redhead…and this happens when you dont wear any makeup and not even your hairstyle…instagram: umrusamaskockama
Im not offended…but this is kinda mean


Imaging tech is still a work in progress


So, I initially came back to complain about the necro of this hella old thread, but I saw that it was an actor who I’ve basically insulted. So i figure an apology is due.

So here is my apology, I just want you to know that I’m sure that the game doesn’t do you justice, however I’m still sticking with my belief that the you in the game isn’t all that attractive to me.

And I know that this is incredibly rude and mean, but what can I do about it.


That was a real shitty thing to do dude. I dont see much of an apology.


I think the womens in KCD are looking just normal and I like it.


Actually I think I can understand where this is coming from.
But I don’t believe it has something to do with the models themself, indeed it’s refreshing to see people who look normal and still attractive.
what could cause this issue is, that the 3D rendering itself has it’s flaws for the normal human eye.
to capture every nuance of a human face is very hard and it’s easy to fall in the uncanny valley.
The human face has so many muscles we actually don’t notice and many people couldn’t put their finger on, BUT we will notice in an instant that something is off!
No one to blame imo, when we take a look at earlier footage of the characters up until today WH did an amazing job!


And as far as I know… Higheels were invented for men, not women.


The faces look similar but aren’t as good as the original actors/models. This isn’t unique to KCD. Morrigan and Leliana from Dragon Age come to mind. Just don’t think sexying up NPCs was a WH priority; not sure it should be


Very true. but then some women wanted to be more masculinist authority looking as the article says. and heels fell out of favor with men with exception of cowboy boot for same original reason…sturupps


Listen, I apologized, I realize that it’s a shitty thing to do.
However, an apology and a rescindment of a statement/opinion are entirely separate.


That was a good thing to do.

I do find it funny that one of the actors ended up posting in this thread.


Sorry this guy insulted you. Nothing wrong with what you did in the game it is fantastic. He wouldn’t say that to your face.


ugh…feminists :roll_eyes:


I hope men won’t wear highheels again, it looks ridiculous.


Now that girl is beautiful. Look at her and the game one. They are different like Vavra and sir Hanush. They probably complain about that people in game do not look so realistic as in real life not that they are actually ugly.