Do any of you find the female characters... derpy looking?


He better would. Discussing someone’s appearance behind their back is not much better.


they sorta did back in the 1970’s. Platform shoes anyone?


:joy: hahahhaha


Yeaahhh, Baby!


KISS 10 chars


Yes, so awful :joy:

OMG haha xDD


Those shoes come as part of the Austin Powers Light Sabre Mod:


I’d be a bit upset if I was Czech and saw someone insulting the women in a thread like this. I always thought Czech girls were hot


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Why would someone flag your reply?
Some clueless people on here…


Somebody did that to me too on ‘big battles …’ forum.


I saw that.
Very odd.


I probably would not in a regular conversation.
However if the game and this specific topic came up I certainly would.


@MattiasT1565 @frelmedieval I reckon it’s because I reported Kirksty to the staff and got the reply that there is an issue and they will look into it.
Mabe he didn’t know who reported him and just slaps around blindly.


I thought it might because I flag his posts that have nothing to add to the topic and are generally unhelpful.


sure, that’s possible.


Maybe if you guys spent less time attacking me for no reason and more on the content you wouldn’t be getting flagged.


You are an autocratic hypocrite, boy :heart:

Now flag it :joy:


Mod support and historical fiction? :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_thermometer:


I find the girls in KCD pretty, even without makeup or nowadays clothes.