Do any of you find the female characters... derpy looking?


I do too and the older one realistic.
guess some players are still stuck on supermodel types in fantasy games. Nice to see these in KCD not like the sjw mess in adromeda


That is true… CBBE and UNP formed the vision of female bodies in pc games :smile:
I like the models of females but more People need to be integrated, too many duplicates :blush:


Ya scary to run across you dad as a bandit…lol or your ma as a bathhouse wench. with which you just had a bath for 2 with.


Yikes! Thank god I don’t recall having Henry’s Mom as a bath house maid.
But, I did just almost die in combat with his heavily armored Father.


you can fight him?


The face is used elsewhere, later in the game.
It was in a nighttime ambush between Samopesh and Sasau, for me at least.


I saw his Ma face on one of the people you interview at Limpy’s house


You killed your uncle, Martin’s identical twin :grimacing:


I heard about Uncle Havel.
Grew up on the wrong side of the Sasau River…


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I owe an apology to all the participants for my not being able to restrain myself and hold within the limits. I shouldn’t have said that thing two posts above.


Ohh poor boy… That’s why they had to close another thread because you were laughing about how “undeveloped” (to your eyes) actual KCD locations look in comparison to your british superiority mentality, and you got offended, called me white UK racist in private message (thank you so much for the laughs) and report me when I was putting you in the same situation? You’re the definition of hypocrisy and foolish contradiction… The only thing we can also be sure is about human endless stupidity, it’s always reaching upper stages :joy: Thank you, nice job!


a cunning plan


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I personally would like to see a greater variety of faces, rather then see the same faces in different towns and as bandits and other NPCs.
As one example, the same face is used for the cobbler and main square trader in Rattay.
Too many identical quintuplets wandering around.
I’m surprised Henry hasn’t run into his long lost twin brother (or sister?).