Do any of you find the female characters... derpy looking?


Well you could do something, why not keep your opinions of this type to yourself?


There were more than 140 faces scanned for KCD. I do not know how many they used or how many times one face is used. I also found some twins, but it isn’t so bad. I met Kunesh as guard somewhere. He had big helmet on, so I could be wrong, or not.


ya. thought I saw him too and mebbe as one of the running thieves… Also just recent for me henrys dads face on a bandit I killed


I also think I saw Henry’s father. So it was not illusion.


No, that will not happen.
Just because an opinion does not fit what another believes does not mean it is wrong or in any way inferior.


I’ve seen Kunesh as other characters.
Hopefully WHS will edit in some other faces and more dialogue.
I’d like to hear James Errol Jones as some villain character.


Some will complain about American accent. Christopher Lee would’ve been great RIP. Benedict Cumberbatch does a good dragon


True. It would be cool to use faces well known to henry just once, I mean his friends, father, mother and kunesh and those he meets during bigger quests.
Kunesh, his third friend and his mother caught me off guard more than enough times …


minor detail but it would be more interesting if there were a little more range in NPC height. once in a while, it’d be nice and potentially scary to see a tall fella with a longsword or battle axe


Height is usually a problem in games - because of the armor and clothing, which has to fit everyone. Since this armor system is already complicated, I don’t think different size and girth will be an option.
Which leads me to the question: Is Lord Hanush the only fat guy in whole bohemia?


the butchers widow in ledetchko (?) is also pretty…big


Understand it. with clipping, it’ll be a nightmare. plus the ‘reality’ of wearing a cuirass, helmet, etc looted from someone a number of sizes larger than you (without being refit) departs some from reality

Just would be nice to battle the combat giant once in a while. helluva reach. helluva lot of strength. etc


svelte she is not. i’m aware of some big boned German maternal ancestors who were also hardcore (no nonsense, loved a good laugh, hardworking, etc)… would love to see the Czech equivalent minding over the guards. the house mother who looks over her men but isn’t a dainty wallflower


I mean the one you have the quest with the necronomicon, where she is haunted.
She was not skinny.