Do Me a Favour - Punch Me!

Hello everyone, First of all great game loving it and its great that team continues to work on it . Thanks to development team and community for this product.

I have a question about the quest “Do Me a Favour - Punch Me!” how to complete it ? I won all 3 fights and it asks fore more fights however I cant find Milan to fight him again. is this a bug ? or should I replay the mission ?

How did you completed this mission ?

Thank you

You can’t complete it, is an activity, so you can combat with Milan whenever you want

I cant find the activity anymore
I havent beaten anyone yet, who is the one you are supposed to ask for a fight in the first place?

well it is not great to have that in my quest log. it should be removed after I finished the mission and if I want to fight again it should be shown on map where milan is at, so I can go and fight him again as any other activity or shop … PLEASE CHANGE THIS i have a lots of mission to do and this one is just hanging around.

Apparently, you can go get into more fist fights in some of the other towns, looking around people mentioned Uzhitz and sauso (not sure on spelling) where you can continue the punch me quest line to be the best fisticuffs out there

can anybody confirm this ?

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Here from the thread “WhERE are the tournaments”

ow thanks :slight_smile: I will check that out will post here if it will help

This guy included a bit more info, weird the full quote didn’t show up but you can follow the link quick

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Hey guys, so I’m basically through most of the game now just building a treb to retake a castle, I’ve done 4 different fight clubs as mentioned above there is the start in Rattay, then you find the fisher man outside of Uzhitz, then the main quest leads you to the tanner in Sauso. The final group I’ve found is in Skalitz a band of cuman looking dudes, my first instict was to murder their faces but got a warning when doing so (like when you hit a villager) so reloaded and yeah its another fight club.

Becareful though after you beat them individually you’ll have to fight all 4 at the same time, which is no problem but it is buggy as hell, you can’t jump in and out of the ring or you’ll get a sound bug (the brawl vs 4 starts outside the ring, I was using it to kite) and then the quest is broken, you also can’t kill the ‘king’ after your final fight or you’ll get an infinite loading screen (we’re all used to that by now from the courtship quest and many others) so yeah I got my 1000 gold for beating the four of them but the quest remains active, so I guess there are more fight clubs to find.

The problem we face as players of this game is we never know if the quest is broken or just more phases to complete. I love this games mechanics but jeez the amount of bugs is like they don’t test anything after implementing a fix… such a same that we have to check online every couple of minutes to make sure we’re not walking into a dead end…

Had to laugh after I got Andrew the innkeeper hung then he magically respawned when the main quest required me to get ale… sigh.

yes i can confirm. bug still exists 2 years on lol

Unselect it. It’s like chumps on the river and the tournament always good for; fun, training, and money.