Dxgi_error_device_hung // ISSUE

can anyone help with this issue ??
i7 4770k
Win 10
16gb RAM
GTX770 (iChill 2gb)

Game run without probs ( ~40 FPS - high setup/vsync 0)
GPU / Debug mode
newest driver / DX reinstalled
but i cant fix this issue :frowning:

Please be a bit more specific.
is this a new behavior? Could you Play normaly before?
Is the behavior reproducible on random or certain Location in the game?

Try reinstalling directx

No this Isssue is from time to time … i can play 3hrs no probs or 10 min and 2 fails … i have no exp with this issue or why it come :frowning:
PS: DX is new installed :slight_smile:

on first attempt you should do a test with a smaller Resolution and Game Graphic Settings on low.
If there issue is no longer it could be a Temp Problem or your Power Supply is not strong enough.
(you can Monitor GPU values quite good with GPUz)

Have you tried reinstalling video and sound drivers? Sounds like a hardware issue though.

no but dx is a dirextx issue or ?

Not necessarily… I’ve seen that error thrown because of bad PSU or memory

mh… Ram cant be … and energy all get 100% :confused: its the first time no game called me this issue :confused:

dxgi_error_device_hung… Is that the only thing it’s saying or is it something like…

DirectX function “GetDeviceRemovedReason” failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG (“The application’s device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is an design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed.”)

There was a bug in windows 7 that when the GPU was busy and didn’t respond to OS even if it was still working it would crash the system, but you said you are running Windows 10 so I dunno…

Try these steps in your NVIDIA control panel…

  1. Create 3D profile for KCD and change Power Management Mode=Performance
  2. Lower Post Processing Quality, Lower Post Processing Aliasing
  3. Run in Full Window Mode

Also reinstall Video and Sound drivers if you haven’t already.

Also your video card is a little bit dated and with 2GB of VRAM that is pushing it. It should be fine because it is a better card than the min required but you may need to turn down resolution and some settings.

yes total error for Kingdom come dxgi_error_device_hung it is currently i watched a few videos before my post :slight_smile: but no one works :frowning: so game run fluent with ~ 40 fps and than this shit :confused:

yes i know i need a new gpu but this price currently as student ^^ …no way ^^

Completely understand

but it must be a way to fix this issue ? my system is good enough to run this game … why this error / issue i want to understand it … :confused:

or a good answer for a fix :smiley: which language use this game c++ ?

i dont understand why the game run 2hrs on 40fps and than tis from time to time :confused:

What resolution and settings you using?

all medium and a reshade

Which reshade?