E3 2017 expectations


So, what do you hope to see on E3 this year.
I would like an announcement of Ueda Fumito-sama new game.


Cyberpunk 2077

No clue how long it will be, always hoping for news…


Anything on Deep Down would be nice. Capcom has been fucking with me since 2013 and trying to bullshit more time by saying they want it to, ‘‘last 10 years longer then the next 10 years of hardware.’’ JUST SOME NEWS YOU FUCKERS WOULD BE NICE.


I was convinced when I first saw this back in 2013, that it was Dragons Dogma 2…

Any news on either would be welcomed for sure. But definitely keen to see and hear more about; M&B II Bannerlord, FFVII Remake, CyberPunk2077… and always open to new exciting IP of course :smile:


Kingdom Come Deliverance!
I would really like something new. Like an open world (not necessarily huge) first person ww2 shooter that is semi realistic and has a dynamic front line that you can influence whether it advances or retreats, or you don’t interfere at all and see what happens. (Plus have all buildings enterable because when you can’t its annoying as FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
Agh, I’m too optimistic. No one would release that! :c


I’m hoping for a total war: Medieval 3. The Attila mod, Medieval Kingdoms (1212) is amazing. Just hope they don’t screw it up.
If it had the production system from Hearts of Iron 4 would be pretty cool. I really like that feature.

Other games I would like to see, would be some proper adventure RPG’s with a good story, setting and gameplay features. EA and Activision could have had some great titles if they were developed right and allowed to take their time with them. So unless we have companies like CDPR (can’t wait for cyberpunk), Warhorse, TaleWorlds, Cloud Imperium to push the envelope here and there I think I would have left gaming behind me a long time ago. (Seems most games are just getting worse and worse every year.)


dual universe alpha… pretty please :frowning:


no please, no more total wars. I cant handle this… :’( No good TW for me since Medieval II


Agh, I’m too optimistic. No one would release that! :c

I’m 20 years old. I’ve been waiting for something exactly like KC:D since I was in Grade 3 (2003, so I was 6 years old.) That’s 14 years of waiting.

You’ll get your game in due time.


Imagine that in VR. Whoa…


An open world semi-realistic game from the ww2 era would be quite amazing. Wouldn’t even have to be straight up shooter imo, possibly RPG, with multiple characters each on a different front (splitted open world like WItcher)? That could be interesting. I know I wanna run across Bohemia as a retreating german soldier. :slight_smile: Here’s hoping KCD will start a trend.

It would a political minefield, so I think nobody’s going to release something like that unfortunately.


Explain political minefield


First you take the mines, then add politicians… :slight_smile:

I meant that there is still a lot controversy in Europe over ww2, just in the central Europe some of the touchy subjects are non german antisemitism, slovakian nazi friendly regime, crimes of Russian troops on liberated territories, guerilla killings & expulsion of Germans after war in Czechoslovakia etc etc… Game developers rarely want to delve into controversial territory, it’s easier to conform to the “good guy soldier kills shoots evil nazis” narrative.


I see, but history was history so…
if it happened… it happened…
I think it’s fairly easy to avoid those topics in any setting. Just don’t talk about them or mention them… Then you could not be blamed for anything! c:


I would love to see Warhorse lay siege to the other booths and take their booth babes prisoner for the ransom.


a rls date for KCD would be nice :slight_smile: +date and location for the rls party :smile:


Resident Evil 2 Remake, a new Silent Hill, Cyberpunk 2077 and RDR2. :slight_smile:


I hope to see more details about GREAT :smile: Pillars of Eternity 2, some news about Death Stranding, Days Gone, Red Dead Redemption 2. Want to see the new project/IP from the creators of Mass Effect 1-3, they are working on it for some time(ME: A was done by other team). Maybe something about Cyberpunk 2077, but i dont think it’s ready enough. Waiting for release date of D:OS 2, it can be announced on E3 2017. Some about Bard’s Tale IV and Wasteland 3. It’s all that i remembered for now.


Red Dead Redemption 2
Cyberpunk 2077
Mount and Blade Bannerlord


3rd person-shooter game in berlin/munich 1940-45 would be awesome. The protagonist is from the german resistance and fights the nazis inside germany and helps out their victims. Vehicle gameplay like in gta(tanks/military gear ,cool oldtimers, airplanes). Story related side quests like in the Witcher 3. Maybe some story chapters on the frontlines as the protagonist is a wehrmacht soldier. No good vs evil story like most ww2 games and films, anti war elements.