E3 2017 expectations


Running and retreating through Malden, Everon, Kolgujev and Nogova since 2001 ©. :runner: It cannot get much better than this… :slight_smile:


Just curious what country you’re from. Here in the USA, grade 3 is age 8 (to 9). So, being 6 years old would be grade 1 (or late Kindergarten).


I prefer an open discourse.


Oh and I hope to see new Wolfenstein on E3


Canada. I was born in 1996, November. I might also mention I’m terrible at Math and years, so I might be wrong with my age. Regardless, I learned about the Middle Ages in Grade 3 and skipped Kindergarten, so I was 4 starting in Grade 1 (turned 5 in November, six in Grade 2 and 6 going into Grade 3, but turned 7 in November)


Sorry, a 3rd person-shooter game as resistance and fighting the nazi soldiers would be to unreal for me. Until the last months the regime will bring you down. I don’t like such stories where one good guy always shoots down hords of bad guys. Perhaps a 3rd person stealth game?


I see, you are a fan of SCI-FI?


He was speaking about this man.


I know this image for years, and I still think it’s JFK trolling Hitler and publicity, because he is iluminati and knows how to travel in time…


Four of my relatives were killed for being members of Silesian resistance.

Sorry man, but this doesn’t count.


I was thinking of this exact photo

Nice one :smile:


How is the Langmesser-picture connected to your relatives and my comment to Sci-fi and the other picture you posted?


August Landmesser did in no way fight Nazi power. He was a Nazi who refused to split from his Jewish GF, but that is a far cry from actively fighting.

Saying he was anti-Nazi resistance is an insult to all those who lost their lives while or for fighting against the Nazi power.

There was next-to-no meaningful armed resistance against Nazi power in Germany during the war (bar several occasions of power struggle within the Nazi and Wehrmach hierarchy).

Portraying anything like that would not only be fiction, but moreover inconsiderate to the millions of members of resistance movements all around Europe, from France to Belarus.


I think an rpg like this would be a good idea. I was also thinking that this would be very cool, but I agree, that Germany would not be the right place for a game like this. A game in eastern Europe, Poland or Belarus might be the best idea.
I would more focus on the idea to become a leader of a small resistance group, not a single fighter on your own.
Where you have to make decisions from time to time what to do next with your people. A bit like Operation Flashpoint Resistance, but with a stronger RPG context.


I once played a paper and miniatures game following the activities of a vietcong cell in a tunnel complex with random (and reactionary) responses from AVRN and US forces transiting and/or sanitising the region.

There was another which looked at the situation of a US firebase commander in hostile territory with a pseudo random vietnamese activity ranging from wandering waterbuffalo in the night to full scale human wave assaults.

Either of these might make for an interesting rpg/resource management game, but the VC/NVA cell one would probably be more interesting in the longer term, as the US game was mostly about managing boredom, fatigue and alert levels, at least until things kicked off.


Belarus would be perfect spot on the backdrop of the mass murder of some 30% of local population.


Yes, dramatic events.


That is one way to describe it.


I vote for Norway. Some of my ancestors had quite a nice vacation here during their wehrmacht years. :wink: (I want to play for ze Germanz!)


Game could start as you being herded into a killing ground but somehow surviving. I had this idea I pitched to the Auschwitz memorial of creating augmented reality tours of the concentration camp. You would be able to see through augmented reality and something like the frostbyte engine what it was like to go through it. Using games in education is an underexplored market imho.