E3 2017 expectations





the only way to be original with ww2 game is to do from german perspective. they already made resistance oriented games, they sucked and were mostly an exercise by sjws to show off how cool being anti-nazi is.


Well they could use my idea:

You lead a group of Nazi soldiers. Like Mass Effect/Dragon Age, it’d be multiple choices and endings (all of which you die) and your men are shaped to your actions.

If you lead your men and fought against the Nazi regime (save Jews, refuse to execute people, etc) then you’d be given the kindest death of a cyanide pill and your men as well. They’ll also be more reluctant to fight and would search for other solutions.

If you did as you were told, (kill Jews, execute people) then nothing changes and you die by hanging. Your men don’t really care about anything and die by hanging as well.

If you went above and beyond and slaughtered/tortured for pleasure (beat Jews and people to death with a club) then you die by firing squad with you and your men giving one last, ‘‘Heil Hitler!’’ at the top of your lungs (then screen goes black and the sound of gunshots ring out) Your men don’t hold back and are trigger happy, leaving no one alive that they cross paths with.


I would like a realistic 1st person shooter from the perspective of a German solider in Stalingrad. I think the approach KD:C is taking of “you’re just a normal solider and wont have much impact” is a great one that needs to branch out to multiple genres and settings.


Is it too much to ask to get a really decent ASOIF game?!

Something where you can choose which house / region you’re loyal too. And you begin in the service of that house (perhaps even one of the lesser houses). Through questing, fighting, or other means, you prove your worth and gain favor, wealth and prestige for yourself. Attempting to climb up through the societal ranks… prove yourself in a critical battle, or consistently and you might get knighted. Form your own house… etc etc.

Something with that kind of scope really intrigues me.


Mod for Crusader Kings 2, but if you dont want strategy game, but more of like RPG then, well well well… :slight_smile:


This would work for a shooter, but not for an RPG. If you are in the Army, you don´t have so many choices. You follow orders, even in the german army, which is more mission type tactics compared to the US or russian army. (they tell you what to do exactly and how to do it. the german army tradition is more about telling the soldier what is the goal, and he will have to find a way to accomplish it.) So I think a game where you lead a small resistance group would be better, because you have more freedom of choice.


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Is this a challenge sir?


No. 10 chracters.


Sure, that’s why i said first person shooter, not RPG. :wink:

The only game i can think of that allows you to play as the Germans in ww2 where you aren’t “the resistance” is red orchestra, but that’s MP, and has no story to it.


How about Iron front? Unfortunately it was not as good as the original ArmA series.


Never played it. Does it have a strong story, and is it realistic?


yes, it does have a story focus but I would not say that it does have a good story. Yes it is tight to realism, as they even used the ArmA engine to make that game, but unfortunately the game is kind of buggy and a cheap substitute for ArmA, which is its biggest weak point. But maybe look up for some gameplay on youtube.


that would go into revisionism territory. for the most part soldiers fought in battle, they didn’t go around saving or killing jews. unless you mean playing as a member of einsatzgruppen, which i don’t think would go every well with any potential investors/purchasers/publishers,etc


i don’t think would go every well with any potential investors/purchasers/publishers,etc

Same with KC:D. No investor thought anyone wanted a realistic medieval game and, lo and behold, here we are $2 million later and almost finished.


I know nothing of history before 1066 or after 1453, so…mind elaborating who they are for me?


They were a paramilitary group, and their main purpose was to act as death squads committing mass executions. I would imagine that the game play of a game like that would be similar to the “No Russian” mission from Modern Warfare 2, which would probably get boring pretty fast.

And that’s not taking into account the massive shit storm it would cause.


So all we want from E3 2017 are nazi’s? I know everyone adds the word ‘game’ to it, but let’s look at the deeper issues.

That said I would enjoy a proper fps in the warhammer 40k universe. The fluff and books from ‘common’ man are pretty popular, Gaunts Ghosts, Eisenhorn etc.
So I would love to see a game, standing in the boots of a guardsman, or inquisitors team.