E3 news From the Ashes/Hardcore mode


Just heard Rick say henry will be Bailiff in Prybislavitz.


Share the link, man!






I listened to the WH guy. I WAS CORRECT: PREBLAVITZ(sp) is the town!!!
Just like the cover of “From the Ashes”. Now what is the social status of the bailiff??


Local enforcer? Authority but not (necessarily) noble


Definitely above blacksmith or “man at arms”


Yes bailiff is the same as a sherrif i think


Bailiff collects rents for the “Lord of the Manor”. Mitigates disputes, enforces some law if there is no Sheriff.
Administers peasants farm lands for the aforementioned Lord.
Basically a layer of admin before you need to take it to the big cheese.
At least in Merry Olde England…



That is god-tier teasing right there.




Now that was one incredible trailer! Movie levels stuff, makes me want to play all over again. This is the trailer i will show anyone who wants to play this game!


What is that MUSIC in that trailer? Sounds like Patrick OHearn where can we get that music? So heroic and inspiring. Must have that music!


Hardcore mode : no more eating from pots.
Increased difficulty in economics.
No way points only compass.
Only dot during melee.
No info bars.


no GPS map marker :slight_smile:


And no release date…yet :wink:


Nope but im sure it will be announced one of these e3 days.


I commented about the lack of basic info and got told to stop being impatient and to calm down


Please calm down


Crawley be calm, chill. All this raging isn’t good for the forum.