E3 news From the Ashes/Hardcore mode


How about we all just chill?


Android, have you been drinking from the non chilled koolaid with Crawley?. Your chill has reached critical levels. Relax. Breath dawg…



too bad. Some of us aren’t so into social media as to get/subscribe to every form.
So looks like I’ll be one not to view this


Ah i was too late!!!


You can watch record of that stream, starts at 11:35.


Thank you Shock for this link!


Thx Shock, very interesting video.
I cannot wait to try all that stuff !


Modding tools next year


I hope it will be possible to return the forest from the beta version, when there will be tools for modding


Watch carefully. It spoils a LOT of things about next DLC.


Well I can’t wait for this. Kcd could be my favourite game of all time by end of 2018! With amazing devs!


Yes! Thank you so much for the link Shock. Very nice news. Thats really amazing. Cant await the dlc. It seems, would have all included, I ever wanted.


Watched video. This greatly exceeds my expectations. I can’t wait to give you my money.

I really hope there is a lot of depth to this with dozens of things to build and upgrade and upgrade and upgrade…
I hope henry gets his own house and we can eventually build a town that will make Rattay seem small. But also quality things, like entertainers and stone walls.

I am wondering if being Baliff will conflict with Henry also being master huntsman.


WH seems to have used the Locator as equivalent of Rise of Commonwealth mod in FO4. Brilliant!

If not in ashes, hope future DLC enables placing much of inventory in Pribyslavitz bldgs. For instance, shelves for books, chalices, potions; display case/rack for armor, weapons, pelts; flower vase, jewel box; etc.

Also, hope ashes or band of bastards DLC enables attacks against Pribyslavitz. If Henry neglects guard (and potentially other defensive investments; palisade/stone wall? watch tower?), bands of Cuman/bandits will attack. Depending of quality of def investments, there can be damage to town structures (fixed by investing more money) and harm to Henry’s rep.

As with you, can’t wait.


Awesome! Cant wait.


Hardcore mode perks

In the video are 4 (anti-) perks shown (4 of 9 perks).
Numbskull was known before.

Now we have the description of haemophilia,


and nightmare

You must select at least two of them(or more…)
And we know there will be an archivement if you make a game run with all 9 perks… :smile:


woo hoo thanks for the new info!


NOW I have some use for my ~450,000 G coin in play line one!
for the crazy’s there is an award for doing the game with all the debuffs……/shudder.


Are they going to rebuild the town.
Didn’t look like there was much there.
It looked more like a fortification then a town.
I didn’t t see any homes and no real place to farm.