Enemies don't attack after 1.8.1


Regardless of weapon enemies just circle around me, never throwing a hit. Did anyone else come across this bug or may know how to fix it? I already reinstalled the game with and without dlcs and started a new campaign to no avail.


Thats odd, do you have a savegame of it please? You can upload it here to the forum.


When trying to upload a save file the following message is displayed: “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt, log).”


Ah, sorry. Then send it to us via email Support@KingdomComeRPG.com or Info@Warhorsestudios.cz :slight_smile:


As requested I send you a savegame. The aggression at hand is merely a fist fight but also in later parts of the game when fighting with weapons enemies still won’t attack. The first fight against Runt for instance I wasn’t able to finish because he simply refused to hit me.


Can also confirm this bug. Runt doesn’t attack at all, only in ripostes. Other enemies works fine though.


having same issue but only with runt
entire battle of prybislavitz is incredibly glitched, loads of clipping


The issue comes about with every opponent. By the way, I sent another save game illustrating that fact to the support.


Happened to me too, but only occasionally. The faint-hearted knight and some random cuman kept circling around me, refusing to attack.


same here with the duel vs Runt in Pribislavizt. he won’t attack on his own, only riposte or masterstrikes.


Can definitely confirm this, as well. It happens not just iwth Runt, but with various NPC enemies in the game. I had it happen with one or two of the bandits in the intro, when you return to skalitz to bury your parents, and also with the bandit north of neuhof, when you are investigating the attack. They just circle you indefinitely, without attacking, until you attack them. Really annoying glitch.


I have the same problem. I have sent bug report to support email on friday, hopefully it will be fixed soon, as this breaks whole game!


I remember runt not attacking me but every other npc has. nothing else be weird about npcs other than bandits calling me a cuman for wearing only cuman spurs lol


My enemies are fine; they attack. Weirdly, the rabbits don’t run away anymore. I’m literally stepping on top of them while walking in the forests.


Zbyshek is apparently doing a pacifist run as well, despite being a giant butthead. Wont attack me.


Same problem. Every enemy I come across just circles. They even stand up like a doll/statue.


Can confirm I’m getting this bug too, loading up an old save of the start of baptism of fire - a number of enemies attack normally, but Runt doesn’t having attacked properly previous to 1.8.1. :frowning:

Have seen other videos showing this happenig with other opponents, including Sir Ulrich.


its probably something to do with them tweaking master strikes, notice how with the latest patch your opponent can master strike you on the first hit directly after a clinch and notice how when this bug occurs the only time you get his is by a master strike


+1 here. The enemies lack agression. Runt is staying in defense during whole fight. Other enemies are better but their initiative is super low.


Can confirm that the training yard opponents at Pribyslavitz also have the same problem.

Captain Bernard may well have the same problem too?