Enemies don't attack after 1.8.1


It seems to take a while some times for me


Okay, thats a lot of people with the same problem. We need to focus on this one. Thank you for telling us about it.


Thanks for the swift and helpful response! :slight_smile:

Haven’t provided a saved game as I assumed this would be easy to replicate at your end, but please let me know if you guys need saved games.

Please keep up the hard work!


I don’t think it is a bug, one of the earlier patches changed the AI in combat to make it harder (can’t remember which one) but ever since then enemies lack any aggression, even when they outnumber you. But they seem to master strike all the time. Even lowly bandits or people who wouldn’t have any combat experience. It’s gotten to a point now that when I get into combat I just end up saying to myself “Oh a master strike”, “Oh look another master strike”, Another one", “Oh, 5th one in a row that”, so boring. I just end up taking out my bow and shooting them in the face.
I absolutly love the game, had zero issues with it, no bugs or anything. But this makes me not want to play.
I would be happy if the enemies where more aggressive and their chance to master strike reduced. I would like to be on the defensive sometimes and facing multiple enemies would be suicide.
Hope they can address this or I will get bored very quick and I don’t want to.


While you’re right to comment on some previous AI changes, I think we can be confident this is indeed a bug - for many 1v1 combats (duels with Runt, training in Pribyslavitz, Duel with Ser Ulrich etc) it isn’t a case of the enemy attacking less frequently, but that they’re not attacking at all now. They attacked previously and don’t attack at all now (beyond the odd master strike when you attack them). You can leave Runt for as long as you like while facing him at the end of Nest of Vipers and he won’t attack you. :frowning:

Encouraging to hear Warhorse are on to this issue.


yeah seriously @AfLIcTeD you can literally walk circles with runt until your PC crashes and he wont attempt a single attack
Like i said; i think this bug stems from them tweaking combat. Master strikes were made more frequent a while back as you mentioned and this latest patch made them even more frequent by enabling them to be performed directly after a clinch and this is what has caused the bug. probably.


I might be wrong, but it seems to me like it is related to the player’s skills and armor. It seems to me like once the opponent see that you are “too skilled” they hesitate to attack. But it might be just my feeling. Most obvious seemed to me when I first time tried tournament, they tried to hit me almost every other second. Now, they are mostly walking around me like they are just waiting for my mistake, being aware of my skill/armor


I’m lvl 7, with gambeson and chainmail only, no plate nor brigandine. Not even a leather jacket, and Runt refuses to strike at me :wink:


I will ask my husband how to send a save. I have attacking enemies but my weapons just go through the NPC body.


Hi everyone,

can you send me a PM with a video with this issue, but in an open and “clean” place, where is not much things around? (Or at least with description where this is happening?) Save file could be useful, but is not necessary .

Thank you all!


I can do the description bit now and I’ll try send you a video and/or Saved game after work. From posts elsewhere it seems to happen with lots of 1v1 fights (e.g. Ser Ulrich, Potentially the first Fight v Runt too when he has a club) but to just get you started with “decription where this is happening” here are two easy locations:

  • The Fight with Runt at the top of the church in “Baptism of Fire”.
  • Training Fights at the Arena in Pribyslavitz.

In neither case does your opponent ever attack you (beyond the odd master strike in response to your own attacks), they’re content to defend and circle you.


here’s a video of it right here


Does he attack with a bow equipped or if you stop moving altogether?


i have never tried to use a bow against him but i can confirm he does not try to attack if you just stand still



Sent you a personal message with Google Drive links to two saved Games to help you test this, hope this helps and that you can access things! :slight_smile:


Should be easier then?


not necessarily, before you could hit him after performing a master strike on him but now that is impossible as he never strikes.
you can still hit him after a clinch but they have tweaked clinches to make it possible to master strike directly after
you can always zone swap but its not as reliable


I find it harder actually, unless you cheese him with a bow.

He won’t use his stamina by attacking you so basically, he is alway at full stamina, ready to absorb damage or master strike/riposte you.


Yeah combat has gotten more annoying than difficult, I basically just resort to clinch spam and poking everything to death now. Otherwise fights get so drawn out because enemies refuse to initiate, and riposte like 85% of the time you swing or stab at them.


I’m having the same issue. It’s so bad that in Talemberg I can attack the guards and just stand there as 7+ guards circle around me not attacking.