Enemies don't attack after 1.8.1


Was this supposed to have been fixed? I’m updated to the most recent version and I’m still having the same issues. No enemies will attack me unless they are using a bow. I took out a whole bandit camp near skalitz with my fists, it’s silly


Enemies with bows work fine. However, ones with melee weapons quickly T-pose when they try to attack, then go back to circling.


Bump. Any update?


This issue should have been fixed in the last update. Patch notes reference something in regards to like “Increased aggression of NPC’s including Runt” So they should initiate more often against the player and not just sit their defending/riposting everything.


Should have been, but I’ve updated my game and still have the same issue


You sure you have the latest patch and that you don‘t play with too old mods?

Because for me and many others the patch fixed this issue.


I’m not running any mods. I actually reinstalled the game overnight and I’m still having the same issue. I verified my version number is showing 1.8.2. I also still have an issue with stealth kills/knockouts, where it happens instantly. Here’s a video of the stealth bug: