Failed to load WHGAME.dll Possible fix (worked for me)


I’ve seen quite a few topics about this and none of the solutions works for me, tried checking file integrity; didn’t work, tried deleting the WHGAME.dll and verifiying and didn’t work neither. What’s wrong exactly ? What causes this error?


try to go to properties,local files then confirm are all the files here (sorry for my BAD english)


Tried already, deleting the dll and verifiying the files doesn’t solve the problem neither


sorry to hear that, look for the dll on internet


I’m not sure searching for this specific game dll in internet will work, it’s a new release, wouldn’t find any.


Yeah same problem. Deleted whole bin folder and repaired, but still same. If I try run it as administrator from folder I got little different error which after confirming leads to same arror like from steam. Faile load WHGame.dd


Yeah, i’ve tried everything, reinstalling graphic card drivers, reinstalling directX, none of them worked, seems like the installer is corrupt or something.


You are not the only one who has not found a solution to such a mistake …


If you find out solutions write here


Sure, i’ve personally contacted warhorse studio via E-mail to get some responses to these problem, or at least to know if the’re aware of it and itend to fix it.


We wait…


I just wait until tomorrow and hope they gonna fix it. :slight_smile: Or maybe just try download it from torrent during night, its a shame but usually pirated versions work better than original. :frowning: I dont have ultra speed connection to try install and uninstall few times or spent whole day to try to solve it. Backed this game 4 years ago with my money, so its not up to me try to find solution, I am a customer here, so waitincg for patch this. :wink:


Снимок Such an error?


Ineed, i’m also downloading a torrent version and will try to swap the problematic dll with the torrent one, shamefull but sometimes happens, hope we get a response soon.


UPDATE: Got a response from warhorse studio support ;

try downloading newest VC redist from official Microsoft page:

QA Team
Warhorse studios s.r.o.

This didn’t fix the problem for me, you may wanna give it a try tho.


No I did it all before. Drivers, DirectX, C++, antiviruses etc was waiting for game like 4 years wont kill me to wait another few days :D…anyway didnt finish assassins creed yet so until than i am good :smiley:


Yeah, i have not problem waiting for a few days to get patched and hopefully fixed, but what if is a problem with our PC and not the game? Who know’s nevertheless some people would like to fix it the sooner the better.


IMPORTANT UPDATE! Try copying Win64Shared files to win64, this worked for me and the game now launches correcly!


Works for me…Great…Time to play :slight_smile:


Sadly all of this didnt work for me… any suggestions?