Favorite parts of the game?


My favorite parts are the big battles. I love how the game handles the bigger fights. I think there are only like 3 big battles, but I loved them all. I’d like to see more of these battles in the future acts. All the side quests are interesting, but seem a bit mundane sometimes… but the battles were super fun.

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So far, trying to find a save game that is not corrupted and actually get back in the game has been the most favorite part of the game. Maybe once I actually get to play the game at any length–I will find something more fun!


  • Writing: The quality of the writing and dialogue is outstanding. The voice acting is often flat and forced, BUT the content is very well crafted.
  • The Landscape: The land in KCD is very well done. Its the little things like, Uzhitz and Talmberg being really close together, but the terrain and road path make them seem much farther apart.
  • Combat: I hated it at first, but now I love it. Fights are still a challenge for me and thus very exciting. I understand that difficulty will become an issue, but I’m not there yet.
  • Realism: The overall authenticity and realism of the game is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced in a game. I’ve always been big on medieval history and Warhorse did a phenomenal job of capturing the middle ages accurately.


First of all, Forests. My goodness have they done a great job or what. It’s exhilarating everytime I walk through those gorgeous woods and those little streams that go through them.
Then comes realistic combat system, probably the best combat I’ve ever experienced in a video game although it gets too easy but that can be balanced out through mods or core files. Contrary to popular opinions, I love archery in this game too. It takes some getting used to but once you do, it’s super rewarding.
Then comes the layered armor system which is again fantastic and fun to mess around with.
Side quests and writing and the general realism are pretty damn good aspects too.
So all in all, 95% of the game is pretty much my favorite part.



Godwin! :slight_smile:



How could I forget to mention Godwin :joy:



Maybe because of blackout? Improve your drinking skills :wink:



Yes Definitely Godwin!! :rofl:

And although the visuals on PS4 Pro could be and hopefully will be improved … I still find myself each day stopping for a moment to admire the lush forrests, cosy towns, creeks, details on characters, environmental sounds, lighting effects … hell I even admire the sheep and chickens that are on the loose.

HENRY!! I’M GLAD YOU CAME! (after leaving the bath house wenches) :joy: :joy:



That first Godwin quest was pure gold.

Has anyone else had that moment when you’re given a quest/task and said to yourself, “Oh great, a fetch quest.” Only to find the quest a lot more interesting and fun than the average “go get this thing from that place?” With the exception of some truly bizarre bugs, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the variety in the side quests.

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My favorite part is when the huntsman guy makes the bird call sounds so that you know what the birds sound like… :smiley:

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Yes exactly!
Many quests turn out to be full of surprises. I also love the humour in it.

But the Godwin quest… man o’ man. The next day I retold the whole scene from A to Z to my collegues, it was freakin’ hilarious.



And sure there are so many bugs that I play each day as carefully as possible. But then again I’m grateful that a studio like WH has the balls to make such a game.
After playing for a while, I watch the funny glitch compilation videos… eases the pain a bit while waiting for the patches. :grin:



When Henry and Father Godwin are standing looking at the sun, and Godwin pukes…Henry just looks over with a slight look of pathetic and disgust, but then looks back at the sun… Loved that scene.



Lockpicking a horse’s ass! 11/10 would interrupt the ritual again!11!!1



Graphics on Ultra + and going for a mushroom picking forest walk.(framerate be damned)
With girlfriend behind me massaging back whilst we virtually tour medieval europe.

We both dig this game so much although best moment would have to be my twelve year old daughter telling me to save a girl from being raped. She was walking from bathroom to bedroom on way to sleep(daughter) and a ‘fly by’ the lounge room had her chirp that at me as I was fleeing a burning raid.
“Next time” I said half exasperated about the moralistic dilema before me. As I fearfully fled for my life.
“Next time”; and so I did!


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Forest easily



The gold coins are always being a favorite part of the game.



When bugs occurs



Love every part of it indeed. It’s my most favorite before minecraft, Apknite’s tiles hop