What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Title says it all really guys… I’m feeling like I’ve been stuck in a bit of a gaming slump for a good few months now. So what’s everybody playing or played recently? new or old games welcome

Favorite parts of the game?

I actually may as well start it off by saying I picked up a copy of Valkyria Chronicles just recently, so I’ve spent about 8 hours with that over the last week. It’s not bad, a little childish at times, but fairly well put together… it’s definitely not scratching the medieval rpg itch I have though :expressionless:


Kingdom Come Deliverance Alpha

Dying Light

Fallout: New Vegas




Fallout 3 with lots of mods

Red orchestra 2/ rising storm

Payday 2

Shogun 2


Family time… :grin:
playing Age of emires 2 HD with my Kids :smile:
Oldschool LAN Party style… :blush:


Il-2 Battle of Stalingrad
War Thunder
Rise of Flight
IL-2 1946
M&M Dark Messiah


How’s Dying Light?

And… Dave *what is Dave? :confused:


my bad its David.



Kingdom Come: Deliverance 0.3 :)… you mad? :slight_smile:


Not really because we haven’t tested for bugs yet.

you won’t be able to enjoy it until we tell you what needs fixed.

So yeah update.


“Silent Hill”: Alchemilla ( Mod, Source-Engine )


you mean Forum-Minesweeper, hm? :slight_smile:


Dark Souls II, StarCraft II


fifa 15 !! :slight_smile:

waiting for gta 5 PC


Mostly right now: Crusader Kings II

And I’ve played the Pillars of Eternity Backer Beta lately. Awesome stuff!

Next game on my list will be Cities: Skylines that will release soon. :slight_smile:


It better be a flawless master piece with no bugs with the amount of times they’ve delayed it.


I had a feeling there’d be a few Paradox fans on this forum :smile:


Not sure why they have many fans after the failure of war of the vikings and war of the roses.


Dying Light
(My Chromatic Aberration Removal v3 Mod)
Dragonball Xenoverse


Maybe because they released some other great games?!