Fishing quests/jobs?

I would like this
fishing for relaxation would be great
and to eat the caught fish would be even nicer

I do like the idea of being able to fish in a medieval area setting. Should be interesting to see what they can come up with in actual mechanics of the “fishing game”. Selling the fish for money and/or eating it would be nice. They could also use it as one of their alchemical ingredients for the Alchemy profession.

Yes, they are so much interesting to do with this kind of “little” things. Being able to fishing can be so much more than just a mini game.
It could increase the possibilities to explore, survive, trade, immerse …
And it seems that they are working great on movements, motion and reality, so that could be really really funny !!
Come on guys, make our hope become true, even if it come in a basic way first… :slight_smile:

Is there any poll system ?

Yeah, Its really the little things that could make this game great!
I hope there will be a poll system but I havent found anything…

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there is a thread for testing:

Great question! I really hope that there will be a fishing option, or will they go the SKYRIM route and just swim in a stream or lake and click to receive a fish. I hope you could use a rod!! Make that a SUPER ROD!!

Yea, that would be cool. It’s maybe not so important thing, but things like that really helps to build climate of the game.

Awesome idea! We have seen fotage of hunting, why not fishing? Of course you need the permission of the lord who owns the area you are hunting or fishing first (or you better don’t get caught!); as far as I know this would be historical accurate, as hunting was a privilege in medieval times. Violating this could be punished!

Has anyone here played Dark Cloud (granted it’s a bit old now)? What do you think about that kind of fishing?

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I honestly wouldn’t mind fishing, would be fun to do on your way to a quest or something.

“Oh look at this quite spot. Im sure that super important thing the king wants me to do for him can wait… I Really outa do some fishing while Im here, luckily I always carry my fishing rod with me” XD

Yeah it would be great to take your fishing rod, and catch some fishes in the river redden by the sunset.
And then cook it on the camp fire <3

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Nice idea about the permission to fish/hunt. :slight_smile: Could make it more immersive

didn’t played it but after watching videos, it seems to be nice and well done, but the fishing zones seems to be 4m² …
but the fishing action seems pretty good/fun .


I remember some pretty frustrating attempts to catch “the big one”. So, at least the challenge is there. But, as the game is pretty old by now (early PS2 if memory serves), a makeover would certainly be in order. Haha!

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yeah that would be great :smiley:
I would love if you can set a camp fire to sleep somewhere

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I just rewatched the 1 hours video of gameplay ( ).
At about 25:35 he says there will be fishing!

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Yeah I thought I heard him say that.

Oh, thats great
He said you can do mining, fishing, cooking, alchemy and collect herbs and make potions
Would be great if you can eat the caught fish but that should be possible I think.

I’m going to assume that just like hunting you’ll be able to cook what you catch.

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