[FIXED]Please help, can't get mods to work besides Ultimate Saving



Basically you need to edit the mods manifests and add this line:


For example the whole manifest will look like this:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>
<name>Stay Clean Longer - Get Dirty Gradually</name>
<description>This is a simple mod to keep your clothes clean for a longer distance.</description>
<author>Mad General</author>




Thanks to “msmods” for making this and giving me the idea to try it, link bellow

I would like to point out that:

  1. My game us updated to the 1.7.2 version

  2. I have a Mods folder in the game’s directory

  3. I follow the apparently correct path structure “Mod Name\Data\Mod.pak”

  4. I am able to get one mod to work, which is Ultimate Saving https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/380?tab=description

  5. No conflicting mods such as two params or anything. I can’t even get one single mod to work by itself such as a carryweight mod or an Inventory Sorter mod

Inventory Sorter

  1. I can’t find a guide on how to write mod names in the “mod_order.text” I simply write the mod folder names from within Mods without spaces for instance “Ultimate Saving” would be “UltimateSaving”

  2. I’ve tried adding the mod names into the pak.cfg file inside Data in the game directory but it doesn’t work

With that said. Whenver I drop a mod, with the correct path and making sure there’s no pak conflicts. I make sure to add the mod name into mod_order.text but when I hop into the game, it doesn’t work. I have scoured the internet trying to find answers and experimenting by myself but I’m out of ideas. Nothing seems to work. At the very least Ultimate Saving works which could imply the mods are out of date but that isn’t the case, some mods I try are clearly updated (Stay Clean for Longer) and others claim to work regardless of version. In any case, the comment sections imply the mods should work and there’s something wrong on my end.


@Inferuz you did it. I have been as well, tireless working, on this same issue as I am new to the game but desperately wanted the in game hoods to actually, you know, give my henry a hood.

As far as I’ve tested, if the mod you’re wanting isn’t working, create a mods manifest file (notepad is fine) and copy and paste another mods manifest in there. Then add the line of code the OP has given. It will work.

Jesus Christ be praised!