Fooled again


when everybody complain the 1st DLC is too short, they make the second one much much shorter


Does anyone have an idea on how the Steam Users/Ratings compare to the Big Picture - overall sales? Where are console user ratings captured?
There is a larger world out here than the Cloud…


Don’t see a reason to complain here. I’ve been on the forums a long time and the DLC was HIGHLY requested. People wanted a town to rebuild, KCD provided a town to rebuild. Games come with bugs that you can spend months testing and not find them all. It is far more economical to release it and have the bugs reported.


I think you are simplifying the demand and supply too much. People asked to rebuild a town yes. But that is only 1 part. People also asked to build walls, bathhouse, a smith and armour mercant, a tailer and more. WH only delivered a part of the demand. Even if WH did excactly what the demand was, then they should see it is only worth 3 hours of gameplay added purely by the DLC itself. It is like saying, well at least you got … item.

@MattiasT1565 I see no reason to think PS4 players think or want different things. With 104 reviews, Steam is acurate enough for its playerbase which is rather small.


Sorry to disagree with some, but 10€ is not a price to be whining. 3 coffee cups with my friends in my fav place and i spent 15€ already, 2 hours at most. no refunds and tomorrow another 15€.

Many reported bugs have not happened to me. Some are funny others obviously not, some are just a visual nuissance and happens with determined actions that by the way, sometimes are avoidable, so, i just avoid those interactions while don’t make my game experience less enjoyable.

So, if devs really use these funds to get a better/enhanced experience game, i’m for it. I hope so.


Thank you for you wisdom. 3 cups of coffee are indeed simular to a DLC. After all, both are things.

Some developers try to improve if the reviews are bad. Others may say, well 3 cups of coffee are more expensive and continue their work.


On the contrary if reviews fall to a certain level common wisdom is to abandon the game because the loss of sales makes it unprofitable to continue.


neither is $60 or $120 if one makes median income or higher in a OECD member state

it’s not a matter of whining. it’s a matter of value. put another way. the price of KCD is $60. the price of ashes is $10. ashes doesnt offer 1/6 the end user value of KCD. yeah, it isn’t easy to price point DLC, but ashes really isn’t up to the value of its parent product


I’d agree that there’d be no reason to “whine” about it. However above $15 I wouldn’t purchase the DLC for it, and I make a bit better than average income.


Let’s say we would value more games in the same ratio as this DLC. This DLC costs 10 euro and gives you 2 hours to play. This means 1 hour = 5 euro.
This game takes around 50 hours to complete. 60 x 5 = 300 bucks. Actual price is 80 bucks.
Skyrim takes 80 hours to complete. 80 x 5 = 400 bucks. Actual price is 90 bucks
Witcher takes 120 hours to complete. 120 x 5 = 600 bucks. Actual price is 75 bucks.
I am not sure how exactly the ratio this DLC uses is fair.


We don’t value entertainment by length of time it consumes. We value it by the nigh intangible factor of enjoyment. This is why some movies are more expensive than others regardless of the length you may compare them by. Same with prostitutes, you may find one with a long penis, but does he provide an enjoyable experience? This will determine what he is paid.


so does ashes provide 1/6 the entertainment of KCD? not hardly

amorous? haven’t played but doesn’t seems so per feedback


@frelmedieval Ashes is counted for what it actually adds to the game itself. This is the same for the second DLC. 2 + 2 is still 4 and not 5 or 20. Just because someone says the time to gather money and have a lot of it in excess is an issue in the base game and then makes a DLC to fix it, also counts it to the time added by the DLC, does not mean I will follow the same madness. Thus 56 + 4 makes 60 hours for this game. All roughly of course.
@Madaras , I am not going to compare it on enjoyment. You can already see clear winners in Steam reviews. It goes respectively from around 70% to 80% to 99% positive. You are free to ignore Steam reviews though, I would do the same with facts that are against my opinion.


DLC is valued slightly different than a game itself. For example. You buy ice cream that is the game. it cost you 5 dollars. you can add a pinch of sprinkles for $0.50 or maybe some chocolate syrup for $0.75. It’s additional flavoring to the game. So it’d be unfair to judge it as a stand-alone.


Actually, steam reviews are people’s opinions. I haven’t seen where i’ve ignored them. I’ve disagreed with people utilizing my own opinions.


My mistake then. Many people here disregard Steam reviews as if they say nothing. But it did reply to your comment about enjoyment of the game.


you switch from enjoyment/entertainment to problems in pricing. make up your mind.

simple fact. for gainfully employed adults, $10 and $60 are both fuck all.

i quite enjoy ashes. the Pribyslavitz ice cream is quite enjoyable but now i have a case of diarrhoea that has to be addressed by going to Talmberg, Rattay, Ledetchko, or Sasau. Or, to use your prostitute example… i’ve got to reuse an old condom


Careful, if we’re going back to the medieval times you likely got more than diarrhea especially with that prostitute being involved.


if Pribyslavitz only had an apothecary (and a servant for bathing, tailoring and mending), the diarrhoea and other associated conditions would be addressed. i could then really enjoy/be entertained by the Pribyslavitz ice cream


I am not sure why you guys are talking about prostitutes and diarriah. Maybe you can get yourself a discord or a private room.