Fooled again


The first DLC was a massive faillure. The Steam reviews are harsh. Only 60% positive from recent reviews. Recent reviews show only 48% positive. When they did a stream about the DLC on Twitch, I asked them to comment on the bad ratings. they responded that they disagree and kind of tried to talk themselves out of it. Many people felt fooled the first time.

The second DLC starts with 64% positive. Again a rather weak rating. When you read the comments, you can read the dissappointment. People expected more for 10 euro/8 pounds. The comments say the DLC is about 2 hours. This DLC costs 5 euro an hour. Rather expensive I dare say. Costumers have been fooled again.

I personally highly doubt you can fool many costumers a 3th time.

The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon (tak krátké, 2hodinyhracího času) so short 2 hours game time

10€ full priced, you are not forced to buy it, you can wait for discount.


Obviously you compare something to it’s standard price to judge it’s value. Discount is special price.


I rarely buy games in full price because there are many sales throughout the year. Especially, if you see reviews with such ratings, more reasons to wait for the discount.


Some people will complain even if you give them two scoops of ice cream. Just enjoy the game and quit bellyaching.


Ah of course. Just ignore the arguments and respond in a very general way. I am going to save this post, just in case you will complain about something in the future, to use it as my own argument. If you want to ignore the Steam ratings that are now only 54% positive, be my guest. Maybe WH will do the same. Surely the next DLC will come higher than 60% positive that way. Sarcasme intended.


I have said that I would wait on the next DLC after ashes disappointment. From the bug posts and problem posts it looks like I was correct in my estimation. Not jumping in on it yet to see what might get “fixed” later.


Yeah? Well ppl hated the Bible the first time they read it.


I am not sure why you think that. The bible was written after Jezus died. I believe christianity wasn’t even a crime anymore. Also, how compares a book with 1 billion followers to a game with at max 6000 active players? Not to mention, the game uses eliments of the bible in the game. Again this is lolly gagging posts that I am receiving for the most part on this thread. Only Longshot made a comment that is neither off topic or overly generalising assumptions.


same here… sadly i was looking forward for free tournaments… one completed and thats it… probably bug… cant next tournament make to happen :smiley: such a great game… but these shits happening over and over again :smiley: :smiley:


Exactly. WH has something nice and instead of making it better, all they de-facto do is make things worse. Maybe WH should take some more advice from CDPR, only launch finnished products.


Actually the Hebrew books of the Bible (old testament) were written before Jesus and the Greek scriptures were written after the death the Christ, The Bible as we know it was compiled in 325 AD during the Council of Nicaea by Emperor Constantine.


Very interesting that is. Sadly it is totally irrelevant to my point. Maybe we can talk more about the Steam rating that is now only 40% positive. Most people don’t like it. Maybe WH can reply and communicate to resolve the negativity. Sadly, so far, no reply.


The quests are good enough, the main reason people dislike it is because it didn’t bring enough content for it’s price.


60% don’t like it and 40% do?

So you have almost a 50% chance of enjoying it? I’d take those odds…


long story short - (steam) consumer expectations are not been fully met.

ashes was customer driven. WH added more than they originally planned. customers wanted more: some greedy-stretch (eg Pribyslavitz guard squad battles against Cumans/bandits), some reasonable (eg, ability to bathe, mend stuff)

can’t trigger tourney


50% customer satisfaction isn’t a business model i’d like for a niche product that will want customer loyalty


Who said anything about you? I was talking about me :smirk:

I don’t think the DLC is as big a disaster as it’s being made out to be, based on Steam ratings. But hey, the sales figures will do the talking.


@r10k it’s neither a big disaster nor something to ignore


We reached a new debt. Mostly negative rank. Only 37% is positive. Keep in mind, the buyers played and liked the main game, else they wouldn’t buy the DLC. These are people who understand the complexity of the game. The content is good. The lack of content is not. The bugs are not either. WH should follow CDPR and only launch finnished product. This WH not a cheap EA copy.