Fooled again


Because you created a thread about being fooled. Well at least have some fun with it. Fools are meant for fun!


This DLC seems to be a joke on itself. Let WH make the jokes. They seem to be pretty good at it.


I don’t want to argue you guys, all you have a point, I respect that.

I’m just telling that I enjoy this game for its storyline, more than Witcher, Skyrim and alike. I’m just tired of dragons, magics, fantastical creatures, super potions, overpowered skills and kill kill kill games. Plus the real-like world, weapons and people.

That’s why I said, and say it again: “if devs really use these funds to get a better/enhanced experience game, i’m for it. I hope so.”

Oh, and about fair ratio value for DLC’s use, I’ll just say don’t use the base game price to make an overall value for next DLC’s, since base game always would be cheaper, since it’s the hook for player, business as usual.

I’ll really hope this game gets much better. I want some graphic/play bugs fixed, I really wish for an expanded map and much more added. And I hope these 10€ helps toward that goal. Otherwise, this franchise will be exhausted from players soon or later. And that will be a pity for me.

But, make no mistake, this game can be better, and they can add even more for paid x€. In that I agree with you. Even so, not every player will be pleased, some even will ask for mithical storyline added… :joy:


This game has left my mind since I completed Act 2 of the main game. It was fun, but I don’t feel it lived up to the hype it got back in 2014 when first announced, huge pitched battles, etc, and all the rest of the exaggerations. I haven’t bothered with any DLC. In fact I didn’t even know it had been released until just now. Until they release act 3 (or IF they release Act 3) I’m probably going to stay away. In the meantime they should release a modding kit to freshen peoples’ interest in the game. That’s just my opinion.


If i look at the performance by entering Rattay, i think all of our pc’s would explode if we had a large scale battle…


It seems silly to say the least they did the tournament in the middle of Rattay castle.


Exactly… The unstable framerate often screws me over in the tournament. Performance is good for 15 seconds, then it’s shit for 5 seconds and so on…


I was not fooled myself, since I’m not gonna buy any DLCs other than new map and new story… which doesn’t seem to happen in near future, so maybe next Act will do.


Anyone who has a PC and uses Steam will do the same when looking at the store page. A mostly negative grade never does good. Image if half the people who will look at the Steam page also read the reviews, or see an internet review. Would not be good for the sales I image.


What ? Everybdy completes the game within 50 hours ? You’re 100% wrong, it took me 120 hours to complete it during my first playthrough, and i am at my 6th playthrough. For a total of AT LEAST 250 hours.
Furthermore if you think that you are fooled stop buying DLC ; you fool yourself nobody forces you to buy.


My advise would be to read more on the forum. I already disgarded that argument of no one forces you to buy it. I am not going to disgard it twice. Maybe you can find a better argument, an actual argument, not a fallacy this time.


Everyone is ignoring the fact 8 dollars for good ten hours of gameplay at least is great value for money.


I am not sure how you can get 10 hours out of the DLC itself. The tournament is not from the DLC and thus cannot be counted to its added time. Also I am not sure how you can get it for 8 dollars for it’s standard price. 8 pounds is more as 10 dollars or 10 euro.


I finished in 88 but I can believe someone did it in 50 only if he stuck to the main quests.


Are we talking about the same DLC? I’m 16 hours in and still nowhere near the end, and having tremendous fun every step of the way. And loving the new items. Totally worth the money.


Reviews on Steam or even in the gaming magazines should not be a deciding factor on a decision to buy or not buy a game. I rarely will pre-purchase a game before release and will normally wait a short while until the game has been out (not always, but usually). Ido read the reviews but I read them for substantive comments, then I will look at game play on YouTube and see if the game is something that really interests me. The game reviews are not an influence for me, much like political polls.


I’ve pre-ordered games such as KCD I wanted. So, ratings don’t matter to me too. That said, reviews matter to WH as they’ve implored players to rate KCD


I have written a review, I understand that is one source of feedback to the developers, but is not a factor in my decision to purchase a game.


Feedback? Seems to me from the WH et al (re)tweets about ratings and awards are a marketing strategy more than a means of providing use cases to drive game redesign and/or DLC


As with any business and their marketing the sales is drives the initial feedback a company seeks. Gamer loyalty and trust in a developer is crucial, take the assassin Creed franchise for example. I will never purchase another product offered by Electronic Arts due to their poor support to a game (and their money grabs). If Warhorse continues to support KCD, I will support Warhorse, plain and simple.