Fooled again


In the obvious minority here, but I’d literally rather pay $200 for quality than $20 for detritus. I want to reward WH for their efforts; quality will be its own reward.

With DLC, I’ll replay ashes every playthru but can’t see replaying amorous (based on feedback: no reward influencing larger game).

With FO4, I got them all. Most are detritus (Far Harbour and Mechanist appear to have as much or more direct playtime), but they offer stuff that I continue to use even now… yrs after release.

I like and appreciate the artistic Cyrano/Shakespeare knockoff (aspect of Amorous) but wish WH spent more of its efforts on stuff that we can use for yrs to come outside of mini-(DLC)-story. I’m really building a lot of hope in bastards and the expansion mentioned by Christian. Unfortunately, my investment in KCD and WH is becoming more like the following Offspring lyrics from Self Esteem:

Then I wonder how much more I can spend
Well I guess I should stick up for myself
But I really think it’s better this way
The more you suffer
The more it shows you really care, right, yeah, yeah


I agree with you totally. I will pay for a good game and one that I enjoy. Take the game Elex, for example, good game and good story. Sad part not support by the developer and appears to have been abandoned, although it had great potential for a follow-on.


That’s Exactly my biggest problem. This is a game, not a cup of coffee.


Exactly. A DLC is what you make it.if you rush through it you wasted your money.


You pay 200 for a game? What job do you have?


Sure, I could pay $200 for quality. 3 full priced PS4 games run $60 a piece; add a couple DLC and you’re at $200. I don’t get every title that comes out. No to Horizon Zero Dawn, no rainbow 6 seige, no to all COD except WW2, etc. I buy select games, and for them I’m willing to spend ample amounts of coinage for quality


What expections want or think is irrelevant. Only 29% of the reviews are positive. This means a lot of people disliked the DLC. The mostly disliked it for the same reason they disliked FTA. How blind do you have to be to make such a mistake twice. The people who bought FTA and Hans DLC, a big portion probably won’t be fooled again into buying a DLC that is advertised for 10 hours and gives you 2. Maybe some here don’t care about reviews but many people do. That is why you have sites running for that purpose. That is why you have youtube channels running for that purpose. If one is too blind to see the importance then I hope WH will open their eyes. This is a niche market, a small market, you don’t poison your own small pond, you poison the one of your neighbour.


This was posted in a different thread:

" Dear fans and supporters,

Development is a process! Over 110 people are working hard at Warhorse Studios to ensure a quality standard in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that we and you are expecting. To ensure this level of content quality we heavily rely on your feedback and try to include as much input from our player base as possible. On Tuesday the 16th, we released the free “Tournament” update and a new DLC, “The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon." Unfortunately, a bug slipped through our systems which was only visible due to the high number of players that were playing the DLC on various system setups. Under certain circumstances, a bug may render part of the DLC content inaccessible, making the DLC questline seem too short and straightforward. With your help, many bugs were identified and are being fixed as we speak. The associated patch is going to be released as soon as possible to offer the full spectrum of the DLC to every player.
We are deeply sorry for the circumstances and the frustration."

I hope this will get patched soon because as it is now I was very disappointed as well.


most of us here have 100s of hours in different playlines. many of us have submitted save files. wish our submitted save files could be leverage more (effectively) during DLC testing


I think the reason there are more negative reviews at the moment is because people who will leave a positive review are still playing it, so they’ll review it later. The negative reviews look like they’re mainly from people who just rush through it without exploring it properly.


Hmmm strange. Where did you get that information. I could use more of those stats.


Here we agree. Unfortunately we are in the minority. Increasing the price of the game even a really high quality game can have significant cut into the profit margins. Simply because the the average mentality of the market.
people might spend $150 on a lame ass MMO for some bizarre reason, but when it comes to single player games they’ll maybe buy 3-7 $40-$60 games that are barely passable or sub-par and recoil at a $200 very high quality game. Mostly because incremental expenditures go almost unnoticed, but you do notice when you make a large expenditure and if you have family or friends you may feel shame and reluctance because of it.

We are in the minority indeed because I literally went out and purchased PSVR just in case it might make the KCD experience better. It didn’t and it cost a lot, but that’s the sort of fella I am.


I dunno costumers are pretty easy to fool.


Since you are so high on CDPR… Did you play the witcher 1?? It was pretty much god awful.

This is warhorse’s first game.


WH themselves said to have looked at the Witcher.
The “compare it to witcher 1” argument is weak. Witcher 1 was made way earlier that KCD. Technology changes and improves seperatly from what WH does, giving them a direct advantage. And the total costumer amount is bigger which changes how much money there is available. KCD is partly croutfunded afterall. It is like comparing an xbox1 to a PS2. Also, if your argument were not silly. We might as wel compare it to TES2 daggerfal or Fallout 2.


Um I wasn’t comparing the two games… I’m saying KCPD’s 1st game wasn’t that great. The 2nd one was a little better and they finally nailed it with The witcher 3.

Also you are right… KCD was crowdfunded… which means they didn’t have the resources normal dev teams do.

IMO KCD is already a great game… Hopefully they will conitnue to progress and by the time they make their third game it should be downright amazing.

Also technology has nothing to do with it… There are great games that were made on the very first Nintendo.

By the way, what the hell is a costumer?

And where are you coming up with the game takes 50 hours to complete?? If you completed it in 50 hours you literally didn’t do about half the content in the game and now you are bitching about a lack of content. I think my first play through took about 120 hours.

I bet when you pay 10 bucks to see a 2 hour movie and it sucks it ruins your life for days.


I already countered those arguments before in this thread or on a simular thread. I am not going to repeat myself. Since you used an argument already given, which I already countered it is now time for you to counter my counters. Repeating an argument does not enhance it’s value. I don’t count fallacy arguments so I won’t bother countering them. A lot of overly generalisation without logic behind it and a circle argument.


Wow that was hard to decipher and most of it was just complete nonsense.

Which arguments have you countered already in this thread or on a “simular” thread? By the way, it’s similar.

What argument did I use that you have already countered?? First of all I wasn’t arguing about anything. Simply pointing out that KCPD’s first game wasn’t very good. Which you obviously couldn’t understand that I was talking about them being a more experienced development team than Warhorse since you thought I was comparing KCD to the Witcher.

No where in this whole thread did you explain how you finished the game in 50 hours. So you obviously didn’t “counter” that either.

Which argument did I use that was already given that you countered? None that I saw.

You don’t count fallacy arguments? You mean you don’t talk about things you don’t understand or have no answer to right?

What is this over “generalisation” without logic you are referring to?? By the way, it’s generalization.

You also never explained what a “costumer” is… Someone that wears a costume maybe??


No. Witcher 1 was not awful. It might be finished in 50. More people mentioned but only if they stuck to main quests and little exploring further. I finished whole game in 88.


Mistyped consumer…