Fooled again


I don’t know how peeps finish this game in 50-hours. I have just completed the thing and took me 365hrs to do so…and I hadn’t finished all side quests yet either.

Just wonderings aloud…


It is around 50 hours for me if you don’t wander around. Maybe some get 300 hours, maybe others 40. I did it the first time in 50 hours.


took me 70-90 hours first time around
finished it 4 and a half times now and have 350 hours plus another 100-150 on offline mode clocked


Yep this is GOTY 4 sure


There’s a lot of new faces here most I don’t know some I do. I have many play throughs on this game all with a min of 200 hours my main was deleted by the update that had close to 750 hours on it I believe. I used to come on to this forum everyday and defend wh about the bugs etc. Then FTA was released. It wasn’t what was asked for and not what was promised. It was a meet you half way kind of DLC and I understand why it was done that way but hoped wh would be more forth coming in answering the feedback. They then did a live stream where they ignored all the bad points left on many forums and ignored the comments and questions that didn’t inflate there ego. This to me was the final straw. I didn’t buy this DLC as soon as it came out like I normally do with all games I play. I waited. I’ve sat here watching the reviews and the comments not only here but on well known forums. I can honestly say I’m glad I haven’t bought it. Fact is to me it doesn’t matter if it’s £5 or £500. If it’s quality backed up with the devs delivering what’s they promise I’ll buy it…I wonder how many others waited and are glad…maybe wh will learn and listen to there players after all it’s our money that buys what they make…maybe they will make something we can buy


I was one of them. Also you are correct on FTA in everything you said about FTA.


As with you and @longshot300mag, I’ve waited. Pretty much agree with ashes assessment too. Not creating servant NPC to take care of bathing, laundering and mending suggests WH isn’t willing to meet us a third of the way

In my case, the delay in purchasing amorous is because I can’t initiate the tourney (near end of game). Alerted Jan. My thinking is if I can’t trigger the free stuff, why build myself for more disappointment in light of Christian’s posting.


Coulda hired Beggar Jane for that. An already made NPC ad coulda add a small bit of playtime to get her.


Or Beran and his wife or Antonia and her husband… so many options


I just wanted my own little home like they promised and I wanted the ratthas to look like one and not a soup kitchen where every sob in kcd seems to sleep…don’t even have my own bed in my town


Coulda had an entire floor of the Rathaus to only myself or at least 4 rooms if not an entire building.


I also wait for 1.73 or 1.74 and an offer for 7,99… :wink:


Good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:


If you treat him, he gets better


After you figger out which of the sleeping SOBs it is and know without looking it up how to treat him. Game gives no hints.


I had no idea you can do that. Where can I find him?


Usually at bottom of ladder. Gotta commit a crime (eg knock him out) to wake him up … then, you can treat him. Perverse. Wish WH would fix it


I actually enjoy it 95%. Just a new cooler horse and shield was worth the $10 to me. Not to mention a way to make money every day without doing a thing. Looking back I wished I hadn’t waited so long to purchase it. Only enjoy it 95% because it lacks a tailor and bathhouse plus it would have been nice to be able to build everything :grin:. I can also look at it like this it cost me $30 to take my girlfriend to the movies for 2 hours of sometimes entertainment so lets see I’ve put (according to Steam) 739 hours into this game so it altogether seems like a bargain. Cheers! :sunglasses:


So it seems like most of you are decently well off adults with stable and pretty decent incomes

I, am still a student and I don’t make money… at all really. Everything I have comes from my parents or what i make from selling game accounts of other odd jobs using my meagre skills. That aside I dont really like to use my parent’s money for my own entertainment so I ended up working(?) a bit to pay for this game.

And I have to say for a young guy it’s not that easy to make money. Now I actually did feel from the ashes to be worth my money, but the new dlc was kinda… meh

Just my 2 cents cheers


Multiple times??