Fooled again


Compared to The Witcher 3 and KCD it is… I couldn’t finish it.


Jeeze. I was in college living on my own at the age of 15. Literally lived out of my car. I started a non-profit ministry where I’d clean homes and mow lawns for the disabled and elderly for free just to make ends meet, donations. Unfortunately my college education wasn’t useful, but you don’t need my whole life story. Bottom line is if you have a place to live and food to eat every thing else is luxury things you shouldn’t even be worrying about.


But that is your perspective.
I was born into a relatively wealthy household where ive been given anything i wanted

My position at the moment is distancing myself from my father’s money and earning it for the first time on my own.

Im not trying to take away from your story but i am not you


So you think that your opinion counts more than other opinions. Do you think that you are a god or smarter or better than other ?


Why is it almost every post in here spins out of control.
Fritz is clearly a hater with a loud mouth and you all fuel him.


Nah. 76% of the Steam buyers dislikes the DLC.
WH delivers a bad DLC, I am not a hater. It is more that a bunch of fans are blinded by how much they enjoy the game that they forget or are fine with paying 10 bucks for 2 hours of playing. Maybe a few are fine with it, but most are definitely not. Also, I am not the only one complaining, a bunch more are.
@Alano_69 You should read about fallacy. I never stated my opinion counts more, you did. Neither did I say I am a god or better. I get that you do, but I didn’t make such a statement. I am not sure if I am a god, I am leaning towards Shintoisme so maybe I am, it is undecided. I am better than some others yes. Take the guy a few blocks away who hits cats, I am better than him and a few others.


So out of curiosity, how many of those of you who think the Capon DLC isn’t worth the money have actually played the Ledetchko haunting and how many of you have skipped it and bought the recipe instead? Reading through the Steam reviews, it looks like most of those leaving a negative one have completely skipped the best part of the DLC.


I’m a fan of the game. Read reviews of the dlcs, mostly from other disappointed fans. Guess what? I didn’t buy the dlc. So isn’t costing me 10 bucks. Problem solved. Does that make me better than you? Obviously.


not entirely. WH lost revenue


That’s not for me to worry about.


of course, but if one has an interest in WH and the quality of their product…


Having an interest is well and good. Funding a direction you don’t find interesting or quality. Not so much.


I didn’t buy the DLC either


Thing is im not saying i didnt enjoy it
I just felt it to be overpriced


Hate to pull the class card, but that’s a strange thing to hear from a kid coming from money. I know you’re a young fella, so I’ll try to explain this utilizing my many years of experience and life here on earth. it’s best to see money this way. It is your life when you trade your finite time here on earth working you are exchanging your life for money. Which you then trade for the works produced by someone else’s life. If the life you’ve invested into the cash you accumulated is of more value to you than what you’re looking to purchase then you don’t make the purchase. For those of us who have known poverty pennies can mean the difference in life or death. As I said before food and shelter are what you need everything else is luxury. When a wealthy acquaintance of mine was disowned from his family and had his money taken away he was the most pathetic individual i’d ever seen. Even worse because he was gay and a slut. He was unwilling to trade any of his life for food or shelter. That is to say he wouldn’t so much as take out the trash and thought he should be praised when putting a plate in the sink. It was sad.

So bottom line of it is view money this way. If it took you 5 minutes to make 10,000 then $50 for something you enjoy even if it is a foot massage isn’t particularly over priced. The money meant little to you and someone offered you a service, their life, that you were willing to make use of. Now if you make $20,000 in a year that would be considered over priced to you and you’d look for cheaper alternatives or forgo the luxury. In reality nothing is “over-priced” it’s a fiction a feeling we place on things. Things are simply priced and people choose to pay for them at the priced offered or don’t. When it all comes down to it we are buying people’s life and only they can determine what it is worth.


Especially for KCD, there are many sales, even for DLCs. People should not complain about the price at all, they are simply impatient to get it really cheap. The thing they are rightful about is the length or the content that they are getting or the idea they were sold on. By the way, your debate seems to be off topic a little.


I… see…

Kinda hard to swallow, but I guess that this is a good time as any to hear it. Never thought I’d learn a lesson from a forum on a game site tho.

Thanks, I’ll keep this in mind.


Well I mean I got something out of it so its not all bad to go off topic every so often :slight_smile:


Not sure hoe a topic titled ‘fooled again’ can be gone Off Topic from.

Definately talking about value matters as it is the only reason for damning review scores.
(Seriously; think people would have as much of a negative stance if it was temporarily free?)
If gamers ‘playtesting’ this stuff could pay less (due to their inherently worse experience of their ‘beta (?)’ product)

Warhorses long term money play should be from full product sale.
Sell the package.
Support ONE flippin’ package! (Isnt three-five platforms enough?)
The chance of Warhorse getting on top of a matrix of potential select purchase and install scenarios is that crippling stuff for others/fighting your own fixes on other trees… wasted time and effort… gamers and the studio lose out. (And damning reviews are just sideline to this trouble)

Sell one package.
Make it good.
Cripple medium and high but leave ultra as it was (yes, actually restore stuff!! Your future sales DEPEND ON THIS!!)

Full game sales are worth more than DLC.
Dont try and use a market formula; youve no time for that now.
Save your product.
Make us love you.
You’ve learned ye cant survive on DLC breadcrumb sales. …

Makes your game worthy of behemoth requirement benefits …

Earn yourself that ‘legendary’ cultness you have nearly cultivated.

Deliver one easy to maintain package.
Smile with all your extra free time, happiness and extra cash rolling in as future platforms release your maiden product (over and over again).


I asked a simple question, but never stated anything. You read something and your mind translate something else, you seem twisted. Now i am sure that you think that you are stronger than others, like the original fritz in-game.