Fooled again


Reading first a Review will destroy the sight on the product.
Never read other opinions unless it is a new game or did very great changes to his base game.
I will never understand why people crying about other fcked characters in the world
instead of waiting and watching youtube vids about it. And i mean watch the content and ignore the trash which people talking during playthrough


I watched a playthrough before I made this thread. I have seen the garbage you get for 10 bucks. Reviews are useful. Many people want the same. An enjoyable game.


Many people got the game… an enjoyable game.


The game wtf? Ha are you drunk or something? Pretty sure the guy is talking about the “dlc”.


I love all this but you only get 2 hours of content for 10 bucks crap. First of all, I’m not even sure that’s true. I haven’t played the DLC yet so I couldn’t tell you. I have heard people say they got way more than 2 hours out of it though.

Someone bitching about the lack of content the other day said they beat this game in 50 hours. Why are you bitching about a lack of content if you didn’t even do half of the content in the original game???

Secondly… You easily spend 9.99 at a restaurant you are at for 30 minutes. Do you bitch at restaurants when you finish your meal about being charged 9.99 for only being there 30 minutes? How much money do you spend on a 2 hour movie??? At least 9.99 just for the ticket…buy some popcorn and a coke and you better remortgage your house. Do you bitch at the movie theater employees if the movie sucks?? And even if it’s good you can’t go back and watch it for free anytime you want after that. The final thing is… If you spend 9.99 on a video game product and don’t like it and hurts your feelings that much, stop playing video games and go get an education and get a better job, or ask your parents for a raise in allowance or something. I payed 60 bucks for Mass Effect Andromeda and played it for about 30 mins before I realized I just got my ass ripped off. I didn’t run to their message boards and tell them, “Hey guys this game sucks. I’m going to stop playing it.”


Yes i know but what people expecting?
A completely new redisgned game? A quest wth mechanisms which have a size of base game development? Bugs got ever be solved with patches and it isnt a secet that all games in these days have problems with releases. And as i said, You are already influenced by a review. If it is negative you will approach the game skeptically. If he is good you will be happy with everything, maybe almost everything. Mod teams working on their projects, where a feature takes half a year or more and nobody cares. Anyone who said something against this timeline or how it looks in the end got attacked immediately. People have forgotten through the internet to make their own judgment. Youtubers are taken more seriously than advice from their own family. The situation with arguments and discussions in the web changed drastically in the last years and it is a complex psychological theme with virtual critics.


The mod started to talk about DLC value, length and bad reviews. While some start to throw shit on each other again, it takes different turns. Peolle tell their personal stories instead on focusing to respond to the first post.
“The second DLC starts with 64% positive. Again a rather weak rating. When you read the comments, you can read the dissappointment. People expected more for 10 euro/8 pounds. The comments say the DLC is about 2 hours. This DLC costs 5 euro an hour. Rather expensive I dare say. Costumers have been fooled again.”


On 23% now btw.


True. I used to look into reviews and thought “that is great game I will enjoy”, then came disappointment because most reviews were non critical like we can also see in case of many KCD reviews. So when you don’t know a game and want others opinion. It’s good to look up both reviews and gameplays.


Why do people keep saying that the new DLC takes only 2 hours? The Ledetchko haunting alone took me over 5 hours.


Because it’s bugged for them.


This bug should not have been there at release. This critisme is till valid. If WH takes a week to fix such a major bug then it is no excuse to cover up the bad reviews. My point stands. The positive review percentage is not getting better so far. WH is no tiny developer, they are a 110 people team.


Sure. It probably won’t even rise to positive numbers as many will simply abandon their reviews/games after they finally fix it. So really unlucky for WHS, this DLC will most likely be focused only on hardcore fans of KCD, rather than anyone interested in playing KCD for the first time. I myself like to buy goty edition, all story and map DLCs with the main game for full experience, so if I was to buy KCD now, I would possibly avoid buying 2 DLCs and get only main game, even so two negative DLCs do not make good to main game.


If a person plays KCD for the first time they’ll become a hard core fan.


Lol. Especially with hardcore mode.


Most certainly…if they have masochistic tendencies.


The only people left are the hardcore fans or big fans. Just look at the steam charts. The amount of players dropped massively after the first few days. Now you cannot see that something happened on the 16th of oktober on the charts.

Strangely the FTA came on the 5th of Juli while the big bump is on the first of Juli. I am not sure why.


Don’t even mention it, I started playing it, also Dark Souls and I’m really impressed I didn’t break the keyboard. Patience grows with age it seems.


MWHAHAHAHAHAH. Patience grows with age is certainly true. However, patiently banging your head against a wall has to be worth it the moment the wall eventually comes down. Dark souls was nice for a while, but my shaky hands and poor reaction times weren’t really suited to it.

However when it comes to straight up strategy there was an impossible battle in Pathfinder Kingmaker that I spent many hours trying to beat. Eventually managed even though most people gave up. Same with DDO and the Iron Maiden on hard core mode. Soloed it in spite of common knowledge being that it would be impossible to accomplish.

There can be many enjoyable challenges in life. Even ones that are nigh impossible. You just have to choose which ones are worth the pain to achieve versus the pain to forgo.


They probably acquired game while it was on sale. I Don’t know exactly but was the lowest ever price for KCD around that time. There was a week long bundle on GOG I believe between 2nd and 7th October.