Fooled again


Importantly, as you can see from the line. The amount of players changed not. Maybe who plays did. I cannot see that difference.


wonder if the mini-bumps coincide with the game shows/conferences that WH attends


When it comes to DLCs price is everything. Start price for base game has became canonic at this point, but DLCs can either be free or purchaseable.

I paid 10€ for this DLC and I deeply regret it. A DLC (with bugs that forced me to reload savegames multiple times) that is all about one quest that can be done in an hour more or less.

Like me other persons supported this game since beta, but Warhorse is making things hard to us if they want us to support the game.

It’s not a matter of wheter you decide to buy or not, but it’s a matter of quality and quantity and in this DLC neither the former or the latter can be noticed.

Still clipping issues between piece of armours and garments and yet we are at 1.7 patch. (clipping issues are nothing to do with scripting but it’s a pure matter of 3d modelling and if they didn’t fix those clipping issues at this point, it means that with a good amount of probability they’re not developing the game anymore, for that aspect that is).


I join the team of the so called haters. This dlc is NOT worth the money.
Again not enough quantity and once again not the quality (bloody bugs all over the place, like it’s their trademark.).

Second dlc and second time I regret it. Sure as hell will be the last time.


KCD can’t trademark bugs. Bethesda got there first.


Strangely enough it always gets swept under the rug and it get’s mentioned in every single best game ever list ever made. They don’t even both fixing them either. The modders take care of it and actually make it somewhat enjoyable.

What I don’t get is, if you don’t like a game, then why are you here obsessing about it?? Move the hell on and play something else… This guy is sitting here listing the steam stats every single day. We get it man. You don’t like it. Get on with your life. Go see a therapist or something and talk to them about how you got ripped off of your life savings of 9.99.


I know the purpose of a forum. The developers should be happy about my presense. And many are. Because we are giving critisme. Inside information only consumers have if they don’t share it. I am nice enough to tell them how they can make money from me. I am here for a noble cause.


Ohhhh they have a whole 110 people working for them? I wasn’t aware they had such a huge team working on this game. That’s way more than most dev teams…

Asked if it took 1,000 people to develop GTAV, Benzies said, “It’s probably more. Much more.”


You know what Matt, using your silly examples against you. has maybe 30 developers. Banished was made by 1 developer. They made good games, so yea 110 developers is more than most, so far you noted 1 with more than 110 developers, I noted 2 with less. 2 > 1 I win. If you want we can continue this. I am sure there are more game developers with less than 110 staff members, than there are with more than 110 staff staffmembers.

This will also be the last time I am going to respond to your even more silly comparisons regarding the value of 10 euro. I can buy many, many books for less than 10 euro. Around 1000 just in my libabry. Those books usually have more than 200 pages. That would take me about 20 hours to read every book. Damn, compared to something random to make a weak point, the DLC is 10 times more expensive per hour. Feel free of course to continue using such arguments, just don’t expect much response from me on such arguments.


Could buy a bottle of water.
Lost in a desert, laptop, solar cell, KCD & all the DLC…

And that water bottle is worth vastly MORE than any asking price…

That said, whilst I only ever played Hearthfire (Skyrim home DLC) for a few hours directly; what it opened up to modders to use… (the vastly better mods that became common after its creation)- Hearthfires value proved to be in its longterm reward.

The Witcher 3 gave DLC so large as to have players be interested in the game again.

Yes; some games, like Titanfall 2, use DLC as a way to reward the devs(/customise a character); due to developer ethics - many people buy a token item to support them further…


Be it a big team, small team, it doesn’t matter. This is a business not a charity. As a consumer, I want results not excuses.


I was really looking forward to the NG+ for The Witcher 3…unfortunately it made the enemies much stronger, which was a problem since I’d already set the game to the highest difficulty for my first play through, meaning even the weakest monsters were taking an age to kill and could tear through Geralt with ease. Also if that wasn’t game breaking enough they also remove the cards you’d collected. It makes plenty enough sense, but having to re-collect all the cards was an unnecessary pain. Between the two I actually didn’t bother replaying the game mostly the NG+ problem though.


The only thing i can see on such pictures is,
It is normal that more than half of all players on earth are not playing one game forever, especially a singleplayer game. Yes some of them put it away due of problems (bugs) but most of them will install it again. Most games got more attention after the years of hype.


In your opinion. Don’t state it as fact


Started the game up on ps4 to do a hardcore run.

First thing I am greeted by is Henry’s mother, shoulders all deformed sticking out because of clipping. this is what someone who is buying and playing this game for the first time is seeing. it does not bode well.

I like the studio and want them to succeed. as I see it this kind of shit, dropping buggy ( imo lackluster) dlc that is getting trashed in reviews(even from people who liked the game and were forgiving of its bugs and issues) is really harming kingdom come deliverance and any follow up title. it is short term revenue in exchange for chipping away at even its core fan base.

I would be shocked if the dlc is even selling great would be interested in the numbers, . it genuinely sucks that I am shitting on a game that I see so much potential in and want to succeed.


They made a shit ton of optimizations for ps4 tho to make it run better. You have to break some eggs to make an omelette.


In comparison The Witcher 3’s DLC hearth of Stone was charged the same price as this last KCD’s dlc.

As I said multiple times I truly love Kingdom Come Deliverance in all its aspects and I will always say that. We needed a game like this from long time now, but the way they’re doing lately leave much to be desired.

And yet so far I supported them in anyway possible. But to be “gentle” to a software house as a customer doesn’t necessarily means to be supporting them.

Critics must be done when they need it, and in this case I’m not suggesting, let alone reccomend, to buy this DLC at all, especially for that price.

For the chronicles this is a post I wrote months ago:

"If I am a business a man and run a factory I’m suppose to release a product that is perfect and has passed the quality control, if not the product is not released. Plain and simple.

I’ve been patient so far but it appears to me that bugs in this forum aren’t aknowledged at all by the devs.
You are just fixing bugs that your intern team came across.

I sent a bug report about the wrong torch’s flare during beta and nothing has changed.
I sent a bug report about yellow cape clipping issue months ago and nothing has changed.
I also write in this forum a bug occuring during romance quest with Teresa and the quest mechanism with her and still the game stuck during the gift giving and still it occurs the end dialogue loop with game stuck during loading screen.

A new clipping issue is occuring with inner chain mail cap, that shows up above the chain mail and the armor.

At least all the lying around halberds have gone but that wasn’t that big deal.

I mean 6 months have passed and the game still has bugs.
Honestly I have enough of these games that are released full of bugs with patches ready on the way on their life cycle plan just to get all the money possible right away. Game companies like B***esda should be an example to avoid, not to follow.

I’ll keep posting other bugs that might occurs eventually, but seriously, we shouldn’t be at this point. I waited untill now to play the game because I was hopefull about the incoming patches, but I’ve only found out that those bugs are still there."


What has optimization for console to do with clipping happening across all platforms?

I’m well aware of the step down in quality in order for a game like this to run on PS4. I have a pc, my GPU alone costs twice that of PS4.

The shit consoles are not the point being made.


Reviews went down to 22% positive.


3% lower and the dlc will go from mostly negative to overwelmingly negative.