Fooled again


Well if that is the case you should give them some cash for the free content they gave you. They aren’t running a charity you know.


I have seen a few people say this so there must be truth behind it but I have honestly never noticed it in my game. Do you have a screenshot or video?


The free DLC’s are as much charity as free to play games are.


You should ask for a refund for the dlc. It’s obviously driving you to insanity


Obviously I haven’t bought the DLC. Thinking I bought the piece of junk means you must be the insane one.


Irrespective of the negative reviews, I’ll buy the DLC once they fix the bug preventing the tourney from triggering (reported & acknowledged). Beyond that, I really don’t understand the strategic goal of this DLC.

Is there an amorous gap in the core game? not at all. is a new mechanic introduced to the game? haven’t heard so. Is this the best possible male bonding quest? really hard to believe, especially since ‘Henry fetch boy’ is already an objective

I appreciate well crafted stories, but with a DLC I’d like to obtain something that improves gameplay or provides an insight not otherwise accessible. Ashes hits the mark even if a bit off target. Amorous? Haven’t heard it does either but remain hopeful.


Sorry. I have no sympathy for you. When I was a student I worked to part-time jobs and carried a full course load. There are plenty of work opportunities the thing is it requires people to work.


The tournaments aren’t part of the DLC. They are part of the latest patch, i.e. free.


I know. Can’t play the free content so why then expose myself to the indignity of trying to play, per Christian, a hobbled paid DLC? My investment and enthusiasm for KCD is irrational but even that has its limits


and the other platforms, especially PC suffer for it.


My son works full time (+40h/wk) and goes to college full time. He does so he can live on his own and play with his expensive toys. I don’t say this to disparage you or extol what my son does… just saying you’ve got to set your priorities and then respond accordingly


True, but I thought that it is obvious that it is my opinion, such does not need to be explained. I mean, we not all complete idiots here right?


Blind, emotional, illogical fanboism at its finest. By your logic then, they should be paying us for beta testing? Get real.


Actually it means you have been here talking about something you don’t know about.


Dude it’s free shit. You said yourself this is a business not a charity.


I’m assuming it was just because people wanted dlc. I don’t know to be honest.


But that’s not the point.
I’m saying that not everyone comes from the same backgrounds or hold the same expectations.

I thought this conversation was done anyways.


Well if you compare going to a movie, to playing a RPG DLC then I don’t you to tell me that I know nothing about what I am talking. But feel free to use even less logic and even more opinion.


well the dlc is not that good considering what you get and also vs what other game companies provide as dlc. I think to many people are confusing this dlc as expansions (which they are not) hence the bad reviews. I have bought both dlc’s but I have not played the newest one as im busy finishing up AC Odyssey and 2morrow well lets just say Its RED DEAD REDEMPTION FRIDAY!..I cant wait lol.

KCD is a good game, Its not the best game, neither is it the worst game. Its good that’s it. for a kick-starter it did not do so bad, but I think they still have a lot to learn and hopefully their next game wont use this dam freakin Cry engine. (im tired of wasting between 10 and 20 gigs on dam updates)


That is not what you said. You stated most were affluent and you whined about being a student and depending on your parents. Now this discussion can be closed.