Fooled again


Ignoring you’re obviously inflammatory statement.

I indeed said i am reliant on my parents

I also expressed my desire to step away
At least to a lesser degree from their money.

To that end i paid for this game with money i made on “my own,” which gave me a better appreciation of the value of money, something i’d never thought about before.

Please don’t reply.


why do you buy DLC that is new content expansion ? The yshould have fixed existing game mechanics instead pulling new stuff.


I don’t know if you’re aware, but an entire development team does not work on bug issues. So would you prefer them to standby sitting on their thumbs not improving the game?


What the hell are you talking about?
Sure you replied to the right person?


Can we close the topic please, this is just a huge flame war for No reason.


Well KCD, this whole forum is like you describe this topic. There seems to be almost no control from moderators.


Nah no flame war. Just a few people having conversations that should have been on discord or Steam or some other place. This topic is still valid.
The damage of the DLC has already been done.


Flame war or not doesn’t matter too much. No harm in having a flaming topic. Let’s people air out.

@Antilochos As for a lack of moderators that tends to happen as forums age. Moderators only get involved if it’s really necessary. Trust me here is far from necessary. I can only recall a couple of instances where a moderator might suggest to a couple to take it to a private chat, but that’s about it.


Mods are reading here. Nothing against our rules, so everything Ok for now…


Yep I did, sorry… Hard to keep up in this thread.


I actually love the mods here. They will let you discuss stuff even if it includes some arguing and name-calling. I can’t stand message boards that lock threads down for basically no reason. Like they are personally losing money for wasted space on a hosting site or something.


What is this thread. Expected to read a good bamboozle but didn’t.


We can agree to disagree with an opinion. The key is to civil and don’t take anything personal (no matter how stupid the comment). Seriously, some people will complain about almost anything. that is their prerogative so if you disagree say so and move on.


That and everyone communicates differently. Trolls exist sure, but sometimes a person may be communicating with words that can be perceived as insulting. Not intending genuine offense, but trying to get their point across.


You are 100% correct. I, admittedly, am not the most eloquent writer and if I offend anyone then I apologize since that my intent. Additionally, the English language is not the easiest to use for everyone.


I have no intention to keep much eye on weither or not I offend someone.
People get offended way too much these days, thus it is no use trying much.
If people are offended by what was said on this thread, then that may be their problem.


No may about it. Offense is always taken never given.


BEing civil does not cost you anything and yet it reaps tremendous rewards.


That may be true but being a decent human being is often preferable.


Lol the guy knows tiny bits about the DLC (statistics seen on steam and bad reviews) and dare to tell us facts and truth. He/she doesn’t owns the DLC. Like most of the haters, his/her lack of knowledge leds him/her to show us what he/she knows and is sure of : nothing/peanuts.