Fooled again


Just default to male on the forums here if you’re unsure you’re likely to be correct and if a gal cares she’ll inform you. My voice often mistakes me for a gal over the phone or radio and I really don’t care as people shouldn’t if you’re meaning no offense. Like D&D these days for some reason they default to she very often in their manuals these days even though 98.9% of their players are male. It’s ridiculous.


I hate it when babies are referred to as “she” in medical literature. It’s only true 50% of the time. Gender-neutral pronouns (“they” in English) exist for a reason.

There are A LOT more female gamers than we think, but it’s generally safe to assume that someone who calls themselves “Fritz” is a boy.


Uhh yeah and your words are the truth! XD
And you’re a fanboy who bought every shit to have friends on social media!
Knowledge^^ Yes you know it because you were invited to invent the DLC! WTF?!
I guess you’re one of these “clever” people who things not that FtA is a simple copy from ACSR2 and Skyrim! ^^

And we all can assume that someone with a name like yours, is VERY unimaginative!
Yes really, rate people by their name. I hope you get respect and a brain in this life as well!


I don’t understand your meaning. Fritz is a male name, and therefore we can assume that a person named Fritz is also male. What part of it do you disagree with?


Why be so hostile? Civility doesn’t cost you anything.


Clearly we then have to consider what people DO like.
And quite frankly. A lot of the games that get great reviews, I really really dislike.

Football Manager - 79% - I give it 1 out of 10 for being about football.
Cities: Skylines - 91% - Yawn. “Oh no you citizens are running out of libraries.” BIG BIG problem.
The Forest - 92 % - Utter crap.

Nope. Those percentages don’t explain a thing.

It is all about whether you like this type of game or not.
If you like innane killing and spectacular kill cams then KCD is not for you.
If you like auto aim and one-shot-dead, KCD is not for you.
If you like wave after wave of bad dudes coming at you so you have to resort to cheat codes, then KCD is not for you.
If you like to find better and better weapons and automatically be able to use them efficiently then KCD is not for you.

Go look at some walkthroughs. Know that fighting is a skill you have to learn and train at.

Don’t listen to us. We are merely a band of fan-boys or entitled wimps.


Scientific American says 51.2 percent chance of a boy.

But even so. 83.6 % of all statistics on the internet are invented for the occasion.


Yes. I agree.

And I’m sorry if I offended you when I called you stupid in another thread . I honestly thought you knew.



We can also apply this to rotten tomatoes. The movies they give good ratings too are often garbage. The ones they give bad ratings are often great. One such movie was “The giver” It was a great book and shockingly made into a great movie that lived up to the book.


That’s only 68.7777777777777[errror] True


I cant believe I came back to this thread. Honestly its just devolving into circular arguments and flame…
Why cant we just agree to let this pointless thread die.


One word.


When i bought KCD i had intention to buy From the Ashes after i read the description, but then i read reviews and didn’t. Damn i’m clever. =)

  1. I am a he.
  2. You can’t offend me easily so no worries.
  3. no one cares about your gender banter.
  4. Reviews are important for many and thus also to the devs.
  5. Fallacy ruins this thread.


I read the reviews and watch the trailer. It is not the reviews that drive my decision to purchase a game.


Wonder how many reviews are genuine (from those who actually played)? If they are, not good. Then again, not most important matter. How many copies of amorous have been purchased? If it has sold well, the reviews aren’t so important.

Haven’t bought amorous. Not because reviews but because WH DLCs are too small. so, I’m waiting for bastards, etc to get more meat


The holidays are close at hand, perhaps standby for a sale :smiley:


an amorous stocking stuffer :+1:


on sale for $3US ? :smirk::laughing:


They could be, indeed !

You are off topic, or could you explain the link between skyrim and the DLC for KC:D ? I can barely understand your sentence, specially “people who things not that FtA”.