For female character


Um hopefully its still on table. When and if comes maybe not charge it? Via dlc





it was kind of a placating gesture from devs and i think it was good that it’s gone because in my view it adds very little. the female members and youtubers who have commented about the game seem fine with playing as just one male character throughout. the aspects of the famel character play style, stealth, diplomacy, etc are basically possible in the henry character already


i guess maybe for now cus there still starting. but next game, i bet they would want a female charcter option


if you are on pc just get a mod for it, Im sure there will be a female mod out


Why? I don’t get it?
Why is it nowdays such a deal, if an story related; Roleplay-Game with predefined Characters doesn’t offer an Female Playable Character? Have you ever heard anyone whine about Tomb Raider or Life is Strange that you ONLY can play Female Characters? But for Games where you can only play an Male-Character nowdays there is often such an shitstorm…

And if they would, than the next Feminists would come up and angry hate on this Game, because it would be still sexism due this character wouldn’t be relevant enough… while they don’t understand that this is how medieval back than worked…


Don’t look at me. look at the shite SJWs who’ll parade KCD for being sexist and racist…


why should we take them seriously?


idk, cus there repulsive and will force people to not buy this game


ultimately you can’t force people to do anything. it’s a bad idea to do anything just to placate the sjws, that’s why i was glad they didn’t do the female character thing. in terms of business, the people who are going to be incensed by reality and history to call this game sexist or whatever, don’t have enough interest in history or medieval realism in the first place to want to buy the game. so placating to sjws always only ends up alienating your own fans while garnering no new customers.

the loyal fans spoke up when they supported the kickstarter and the initial vision. warhorse followed through and did the right thing by keeping to the vision and not falling to the pressures of sjws.

if you want further proof of why going against sjw pressure is good for business and capitulating to them is bad, look to the example of the protein world saga where their profits soared after the sjws blasted them for body shaming. or how comic books sales tanked when marvel decided to incorporate sjw ideologies.

listening to sjws is bad both for business, and for artistic integrity.


Ic now. Ok tnx


A DLC with a new female protagonist would be awesome, the thing I love about Warhorse Studios is that they want to stray from the usual path of RPG’s today where YOU are the “Chosen One” and only YOU can save the world. A female protagonist fighting the dogma of Medieval Europe and becoming a warrior would be refreshing. An assassin or thief would also work, but I feel that has become a stereotype when it comes to females outside their traditional role in the “odlen” days.


Could point to Joan of Arc, of course that didn’t really turn out well for her. But I don’t think a female character would detract from the story.

Much like buying the game no one forces you to play a female character if you don’t want to.


But putting a female character in KCD forces writers to change the story and/or forces developers to design new game mechanics. KCD is story of Henry, a story of Henrietta would require serious tweaks to stay believable to bohemian history. Unless Henrietta is disguising as Henry which would require new game mechanics and changes to story. Even Jeanne d’Arc was disguised as a male soldier at times.

Claiming replacing the main character’s model, changing his name to Henrietta or something and recording her lines with a new voice actor is the only work game would require for female player character, is looking down on what previous centuries’ activists achieved for women.


Beinga a woman in middle ages isnt so fun for an RPG. Only thing that would not be as dull would be if you are a noblewoman and have all this political and back stage stuff, but it wont be as open as this is.
A mod might be created where you play as a woman in the open world.


Because RPGs are an Ego-insert, they are about Role Playing, and so people have an expectation of being able to insert whatever they like into the story. The two games you mention, tomb Raider and LiS, are not RPGs. As well, you ignore the context around these games wherein women want more representation within gaming because it is so uncommon for them to have that. It’s about being able to see oneself in a game, that relatability is important. Especially considering most video game protagonists are white men, we need that representation within the industry so as to be more welcoming to non-white non-male gamers. I’m not saying KC:D needs to do this, having a male lead makes sense within the context of this game. That said, it was a stretch goal, and would be a great option for those who want it. And besides, having a female character doesn’t hurt you, so why not have one?


Lets hope they fix game breaking bugs before adding new features


1.) What about a DLC that replaces Henry with a female character?
That won’t happen. They’d have to rewrite a large portion of the game which stands in stark contrast to the amount of money they would earn from it.

2.) Will we get a small DLC mission with a female character?
Possible, but I don’t see the value other then to please the crowd that wants a female character option. They went with Henry for this game, and I would prefer to stick to his character for any possible content that they add to the game, because anything else would just detract from his story.


This was one of the kickstarter (additional) goals…
If WH do this, the backer will get this DLC for free