For female character


That stretch goal was just a quest chain you will play as someone else. Like Ciri’s parts in Witcher 3.


However in this Case of you’ve gotten the Wrong Game, because NO - that’s not what “RPG” stands for, there are more than enough RPG’s with pre-defined Character where you also play an Role, but simply an predefined role… like as example Witcher 3 or Gothic… and this Game also is about an “Pre-Defined” “Character” which “role” you follow. Period.

Also this is an pretty bad Argument as well, because Games should be made by an Vision, not made by standarts or political decisions. A Female Character in an Story-Related Game should feel natural and fitting, and not forced and uninspired. I get the wish for “more” “representation” but the Solution isn’t to force such things or want to change concept/games where it doesn’t fit, but moreover create new games which builds around this - like Life is Strange or Tomb Raider.

Lastly it does hurt me, in an story-related Game. Even if Woman don’t want to admit it - due Gender Equality, there are simply certain things in life, where Female and Male differ from each other, and that isn’t only Society, but also bilogically. The way, as example, Woman and Man goes through Puberty is pretty different, and the Problems which come with it and puberty is one part of the life which shape you for your later life. Man and Woman might be not as different as some might think, but also not as same/similiar as people argue about. And to come down to my Point, if you want to add an Female Option you either need to make Male less predefined and the overall Personalyity of the Protagonist more unisex, or don’t give him an personality at all. I often read how Female Sheppard is praised, however if you ask me, i don’t see why, because there isn’t anything different about her and male sheppard(as far as i played) - she is simply an Female Skin, and for me if i want to play an Female Character, except Games like Skyrim which are RPG’s which really don’t have any kind of personality and you have to fill this personality on your own, i want an properly done female Character. I want her to have her own personality, and maybe also show the different viewpoint and problems of females due society and such. But i hugely dislike it if Females are made/added simply because for the sake of Adding them, without any kind of Vision, Souls, Idea, Heart behind it… and same goes with “non-white” how you call it.


I’m not against women in video games, but I’m glad they didn’t give the option for it in this. If it were a fantasy game, it’d be totally fine, but in this historical setting, women just weren’t warriors. They’re physically weaker in every way and wouldn’t be able to hold their own on the battlefield, not to mention be allowed in any professional military. There just aren’t enough realistic, historical video games out there, which is why I’m so glad they made this one as realistic as possible. Having this opinion, though, will get me the sexist label, but I don’t care anymore. History isn’t equality.


Not to mention that making a woman be a character would be disrespectful to the millions of white men who were forced into and died in combat back then. It’s just not respectful to their struggle imo. It’s like if they made a game about Shaka Zulu and made the main character in it white. Forced diversity is killing diversity of expression.


Joan of ark, 1412-1431, it isn’t outlandish, I could care less either way but there were female fighters/knights during that time.


This is false, a simple google search would have shown you that. There were quite a few orders of female knights.


Maybe in honor of their social status, but not for purposes of combat. And Joan of Arc never fought a single battle in her life. She was what was called a figurehead. Back then, the death rate for women during childbirth was about 30%, sometimes as high as 50%. Armies back then wouldn’t dare waste their women on the front lines where they wouldn’t stand a chance.


Yes you’re right they didn’t fight

Oh wait

“There is a case of a clearly military order of knighthood for women. It is the order of the Hatchet (orden de la Hacha) in Catalonia. It was founded in 1149 by Raymond Berenger, count of Barcelona, to honor the women who fought for the defense of the town of Tortosa against a Moor attack. The dames admitted to the order received many privileges, including exemption from all taxes, and took precedence over men in public assemblies.”

Making assumptions based off no facts makes you look like a donkey.


Well obviously if there is a threat of an entire town being destroyed, there won’t be a single person sitting around doing nothing. I’m sure kids fought in that battle too. I’m talking about the 99.9999% of battles that were entirely men. The fact that you have to look up individual examples of any women in combat and still don’t come up with concrete evidence of any actually fighting proves what I and most of the other realists on here are saying.


Look up Joanna of Flanders also, I’m not going to continue this because you are basing your argument off of beliefs and not facts.

Order of the glorious st Mary.


You talk about women defending their towns. A mouse fights back when trapped. I’m tired of this joke and historical revision that women did all this fighting. No they really didn’t. Oh they defended themselves like anyone would? Show me where they led vanguard charges etc? Oh that’s right they didn’t. Because even today you can watch strong women lose competitions of strength to ordinary men. You can watch female UFC champs having to explain that they can’t beat the male champs because imbeciles believe they can and ask if they are mad they can’t fight the men.


I just gave you numerous examples and you come back with ufc women cry because they can’t fight men, riiiiiiight.


even in ww2 it was really rare to see women fighting. The biggest numbers were in communist/anarchist units due to obvious political reasons. To think that women had any significant role during the middle age when society was patriarchal and wouldn’t let women to wash the weapon is really out of place.


You can’t talk reality with these feminists


->Pick female character
->First 30 minutes of gameplay is cleaning
->Mercenaries attack
->Get sexually assaulted
->Get belittled by literally every male character
->Have no chances to progress game
->Go back to cleaning and cooking


They would have to write an entirely new story, get new voice actors, edit, polish and optimise all over again. It simply, categorically would not work to insert a female version of Henry.


Historical accuracy and realism is not the issue. 99.9% of blacksmiths sons wouldn’t rise through the ranks of society whilst also becoming killing machines that can take on entire garrisons, your argument is null and void. Let’s not pretend for a minute that ‘realism’ is a good argument against female characters. If we were all roleplaying blacksmiths sons in this game, we’d be crafting nails and horseshoes all day, getting drunk and then going to bed. It could actually be great fun to face the challenges of the game as a female character, the game is all about overcoming adversity after all. It would make for a great ‘hardcore’ mode, for the most serious gamers. But, the real reason it’s difficult and unlikely for warhorse to put a female character in the game is thus: Time, money and resources. You couldn’t simply create a female skin to play the main quest with. You would have to write an entirely separate main quest line. That isn’t something the devs can just do quickly and easily, that’s a serious undertaking that costs a lot of time and money.


i think theres no discussion, in 1403, if you are a woman, be prepared to train skils of “costure” “be slaver” and “have children”, nothing more.


I have already shown how your argument is a logical fallacy.


How about “no”?