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A female main character like the one in Dishonored 2 is out of discussion: we have already one in that game and WH should give us something “fresh” if they don’t want a clone. So: which female main character could fit in a 1403 real Bohemien? This is the main question. WH, as for as i know, wants stay “in topic” with historic reality… This doesn’t mean we cannot play a female character at all, simply they have to find a way to stay “epic” and historically accurate. So no female Knight with the actual bohemien knighthood and no open place fight as a soldier or guard. A woman could be a trader or someone who marryed a ruler but she is the real ruler behind the scenes. She could be a lone wolf bandit but in this case, if she were catched, she will surely brutally killed after she will arshly tourtured in squares to “give example that women must stay at their place”.
We should not see the 1403 world with 2018 eyes: they were very different times and inequality was regular: the poor is and will stay poor such as the peasants, the ruler do as he wants, when he wants and with whoever he wants. Women had their rigid role, so males. Of course there were some exceptions but usually they end in tragedy (Johanna d’Arc for exemple).


I wish there were a spoiler tag because those of you claiming black smith son can’t be this either…should probably play the game more.


Unless that specific woman was good as fighting, which, we all know is possible. Whats stopping a woman from doing what Henry does and hide in the bushes and pick off cumans? This post is cancer, this whole thread is cancer. The only people who are posting on this forum are trolls who have no interaction with woman anyway aside from your mom or caregiver wife, so i suppose you all have excuses for your warped views of woman.


not only would they have the innate weaknesses of being a woman, they would be in a society where they are severely restricted in freedom and options. the game simply would require too many plot conveniences, and contrived suspension of disbelief devices to feel natural or logical.


thinks women can be as good as fighting as men

has experience with women

pick one.


Ultimately, to incorporate a female lead alternative to henry in this (mostly) realistic setting would require new voice acting from almost all NPCs (as well as the lead obviously), a new plot line, new cinematics, tweaks on the reputation system, new romances, and new ‘gender appropriate’ activities. It might as well be a new game.

Do I want the Devs to waste their time with this? Not really.


Unless that specific woman was good as fighting, which, we all know is possible. Whats stopping a woman from doing what Henry does and hide in the bushes and pick off cumans? This post is cancer, this whole thread is cancer. The only people who are posting on this forum are trolls who have no interaction with woman anyway aside from your mom or caregiver wife, so i suppose you all have excuses for your warped views of woman.

I like to play female characters, but in a realistic historical setting, a female warrior wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever. The vast majority of women before the 19th century were restricted to the household and the clergy, and female warriors were very rare exceptions. The son of a blacksmith becoming a knight was uncommon, but its not exceptionally rare, and common men were engaged in warfare. Another issue would be the idea of an armoured woman wandering around the kingdom in horseback, that would be absolutely historically inaccurate, as I said before, female warriors were rare exceptions. The vast majority of women in the Middle Ages who acquired power and influence was through political marriages, noble lineage, noble women who garnered favour from the royal court (either serving as ladies-in-waiting or mistresses), artistically skilled noble women, or the clergy (nuns who acquired high standing in the church).

The game play for a historical and realistic female character that can wander around openly in the Middle Ages would require them to either be a noblewoman or a member of the clergy (such as a nun). A commoner woman aimlessly wandering around the kingdom by herself is basically a recipe for disaster.

Most powerful medieval women were more like Eleanor of Aquitane (known for developing chivalry and courtly love) or Hildegard of Bingen (a powerful nun, well-respected in the church through her work as a master theologian), rather than Joan of Arc.


Cripes, looking over this entire thing is a mess. There are those that make good points, those that… don’t, and a few people who just seem to be stirring the pot. Ultimately, I don’t have much of a stake in the decision one way or another, but that doesn’t mean that, as a gamer, I’m not the least bit curious how a relatively realistic story would handle a female protagonist in this time period. Without getting into the whole mess that I did notice, and hopefully without stepping in something I missed, I think the extreme challenge would feel somewhat rewarding as things continue story-wise.

That’s not to say that I didn’t find Henry’s story, what I got through before I was drawn away, rewarding to push through. It was entertaining, training yourself to the point that you can contend with noblemen, to their surprise. I agree, after a fashion, that in a Role-Playing Game, it is often not that you are playing your role, so much as that you are playing a role. In this case, the role of Henry.

With that said, I think an actual, honest representation of the challenges faced by even the most capable of women in the past would cast our current system in a much more accurate light. With that said, a truly honest representation of the past would likely be wholly uninteresting to play, unless you’re rather fond of being relegated to what amounts to property.

I agree that with the historical facts as they were, a game such as what they wanted could not possibly have a female lead. But I do feel that a story could be told in an entertaining fashion in that setting, provided there were a slightly less intense focus on pure historical accuracy. I say slightly and I mean it; there are ways to allow natural progression without shoe-horning it in, and I believe the writing team for WH could accomplish it. As with most games, this game is about overcoming adversity, and there are few challenges as great as becoming anything outside of your usual gender roles in that time period as a female.

I understand if it can’t be done. WH will, ultimately, create the games they feel they can do justice. More than anything, I don’t want them or any creators to feel forced into something due to a vocal minority. But I think it would be an interesting, eye-opening, and if done well, fun game to play, if there were a rise-of-a-leader story focused on a warrior woman during this kind of time frame.

Or maybe it would be horrible. Who knows? For now, the question of how fun a game of that type would be in a primarily-honest representation of the time period is one we don’t actually have an answer to. We only have speculation. The only way to know for sure is to take a risk… And if it’s a risk an up-and-comer like WH feels they can take, then more power to them. But it’s a risk, none-the-less, and if their second game doesn’t do well, they may not get a third.

Whatever their choice, I look forward to watching where WH goes from here. They crafted a really remarkable game with Kingdom Come: Deliverance, so I for one look forward to their next work.

Regardless of whether or not it has a playable female lead.



Googled it and yep there are a few, but only a few and not as of record in Bohemia…

Quite interesting though :wink:


If your issue with a protagonist is the gender and skin colour you’re playing games for the wrong reason… The sooner you toxic social justice types p*ss off, the better.


If I had the Coin to fund a Game, It’d be a historical setting, 17th or 18th C. And just for fun, include a female Option as a character, and have the world deliberately crafted in a way, that it is plausible and realistic in how it’s reacting to a woman doing such and such things.

I am rather sure, however, that a great number of people will be frothing at the mouth, shouting “SEXISM!!” etc.


So this is the thread where all the incels come. Beta males are scared of the idea of female protagonists, but are also too stupid to recognise this.


We need female protagonist now more than ever. Especially with the upcoming 1.4 patch. The Beards!


Or people don’t want a female character shoehorned into an historical authentic game? A female protagonist makes NO SENSE, develop your own social justice infested shit stain if you want that kind of thing, you could also make the Emperor a black man too whilst you’re at it, shit why not make Henry a transgender!?!? :open_mouth: I must be ticking all your boxes here.


I’d find a female protagonist for a few missions quite interesting. But it is a very thin (i.e. negative width) line to tread to keep it historically plausible AND appease the more rabid parts of the feministic spectrum.


The entire story would need changing… A female squire? Never…


Whos talking about a female squire?

Women did exist ‘back then’. And to act as one for a few missions (witcher 3 ring any bells?) ould be interesting, if the missions were made to be plausible. Of course not ‘go to bandit camp X at plae Y am bring me the saussages made from their minced meat as proof’ type missions…


Henry is a squire, a female protagonist would naturally follow the same story or need an entirely new one, as I stated.

Ciri is not a “female” in the sense of what we’re discussing, she’s a world traversing sorceress with elder blood which is why her hacking through waves of men and beast is perfectly reasonable.

I for one find having a female protagonist purely because she’s female is more sexist than anything else and is entirely a token gesture, it makes no sense for this game whichever way you look at it.


I don’t want to spoil but isn’t it clear who will be the female character?




Listening much?

We’re not talking about boltng some tits to henry and slice his balls off with a cut so deep, it leaves a nice cunt shaped hole.

We’re talking about a diffrent (female) character being playable for a few missions, that pretty much vertainly are tailored to that character, as are henries missions to his character.