For female character


SO THE STORY NEEDS TO CHANGE… A female character makes no sense, get over it… Thankfully Vavra wouldn’t make such a cuck decision to please a small minority of radical men hating bigots.


You are frothing at the mouth, shouting like a madman or an illbehaved child.

You refuse to listen.

Who said anything about changing the existing story?

Nobody is gonna take anything away from you…



Are you really that mentally impaired you do not realise the story would NEED to change in order for a female character to be incorporated?
I’m shouting because I can’t believe you don’t understand something so simple… You use Ciri as an example despite the fact that by your logic if she wasn’t included in the story then Witcher 3 would continue anyway, which is absurd as the story is based around her. How can you possibly think nothing should be changed whilst adding the option to play a female?

Pure SJW rhetoric, go home kid.


Did you read my previous post? There is a clue about who will be the female character.


how would you greatly need to alter any story of henry if, say, in the DLC at some point some side quest(s) he needs the help from, say, theresa, and for those purely optional side quests, you can play as theresa, you fucking moronic imbecile with literally less intellect than a piss stained blanket?

Congratulations, you brilliantly showed, that it is actually possible to be even more of a retarded wanking asshat with a christmas tree up his arse, than the shite Circators in the monastery! Well done, bastard. * slow clap *


To clear a few things up in this thread, as someone with a research degree and a medievalist, I can tell you that the past was in many places a lot LESS sexist than the world we live in today. And even though it would be socially unacceptable for a woman to do exactly what Henry does in the game (because some jealous man would likely call her a witch and she would be burnt), you could still have highwaywomen (I mean female highwaymen) - it would be a very rare occurrence, but hardly any more unlikely than a blacksmith’s son partying with nobility. Also, there is ample evidence for women dressing in men’s clothes and pretending to be men - that way they could even join the army. There was even a female pope in the Middle Ages - as was later discovered. So the possibilities for a female character are pretty exciting within KCD. Imagine having to keep switching clothes and living a double life. It’s almost super-hero-like.




id like to see a female character in a totally different game by warhorse .finish henry’s story first then do joan of arc, i think takes place right around the same time frame as our henry .


So you think you’ve countered my point that the story needs to be changed by suggesting adding MORE story to include a female? Bruh, I don’t think you quite grasp what you’re saying.
It seems the rabid left wing social justice warrior has awoken, I knew it.

“waaaah, my pixels need to have tits or else the world is unfair and WH are mean women haters”.



We’re talking DLC, Add-ons etc. which are by definition adding stuff.

The folk, shoving the ultra rare exceptions of joan of arc etc (who was more of a token than a real fighter) into everyones face to justify having an armoured and armed female character in this game are pretty far off.
But the insecure litte turds, crying “maaah gaaaayyyym” at the notion of having ANY playable female character at all, even in period proper roles, are beyond pathetic.


yea i almost agree with you, but id rather keep the focus on henrys story until he is done. after that though i wouldnt mind her storyline 1 bit. i bet they wouldnt because the way her story ends lol. it’d would be 1 hell of a tear jerker lol .
you guys are probley gunna rib on the movie lol but i dont care i still like it. i watched it yesterday again after bringing up joan of arc lol


Women existed in those days, you utter, utter moron. Take your 3rd grade ‘logic’ and stick it up your arse. Maybe finish elementary school before trying to make claims on ‘historical accuracy’. God you incels are insufferable.


so did plague infested beggars, do you want to make a game focused on one? to make the game follow the realism and accuracy standards set by warhose studio in kingdom come would be to make a very boring and non violence/non confrontational gameplay. there is no audience for that type of game especially in a male majority market, and i doubt even females would want that tpye of game. to make a game where you get “muh wymyns”, and also be as engaging, you’ll have to remove all semblance of historical accuracy and realism.

so in essence, lostqq is right, you need to go make your own sjw shitstain lol if you want that type of game.

why even make a realistic historical game featuring a female protag if it’s just going to be tomb raider with medieval skins?


Male majority market?? RPGs have always been played by women, with most countries where statistics are available actually reporting a higher ratio of women for this genre. (Although the difference seems to be just a few percent, which is actually the case for most other genres as well.) Of the people I know that play KCD, the vast majority are women. (7 out of 9)


Never possible to ask really every human.
Source please?


Yes, it would be great to play KCD from the perspective of a beggar. That you require your character to be some kind of superhero only reveals your beta-male insecurities. Either way, the devs clearly disagree with all of you incel kiddies, because a female character has been in the work for a long time.


For clarification,
A mission for a Female Character and not a Character itself.
And the mission and character is included but not playable!


No, I’m against a female charakter. KCD is not a fun game where you have the possibility to choose or customize your charakter how you want. This game tells a story and wants to be accurate. If you could play different charakters it just would make all the mainstream/fantasy players happy, but everyone who really understand how a solid and immersive game has to be designed is against such generic fun elements. A game like KCD that wants to be different and an unique experience unlike the fantasy mainstream never, NEVER should feel like it’s a game! Instead it should feel like something substancial with an organic world that really could exist. Not just like a video game!!! Even in a fantasy game I hate to play multiple charakters. This is no longer a story and defracts me out of the experience as I’m only the player who plays all these people instead to be the main charakter himself.

KCD is designed to immerse the player into Henry’s story and not someone else’s story. And in addition to that in the middle ages women had to work and not to fight. So this is a really bad community wish. You played too much Skyrim or other generic fantasy RPGs.


Charles IV’s wife and Sigismund’s mother Elizabeth was known for being able to bend horseshoes and break swords with her bare hands as a party trick. She was very physically active and also interested in politics. History is not as sexists as incels would now like to believe, so this argument has no legs to stand on. There is plenty of scope for an interesting story with a female character.


Do you guys get pissed that you can’t play a female Batman in Batman games?