For female character


Even if there might be some women who swinging swords, it doesn’t change the fact that playing multiple characters is a “fun feature” do not belong into a solid experience that want to avoid feeling like to play just a video game. No well designed game should represent itself to be a game.


Yeah it’d be cool to play a female character. It should be a really hard mode to reflect the social standing/level in society of women at that time. Could be quite a challenging game-mode.


I’m hoping for a cross-dressing highwaywoman. The game mechanics are already there (conspicuousness, etc.), and it would be great to try to balance a double life like that.


Joan of arc did not fight.



strong projection with constant use of the term “incel” sounds like you have some kind of complex? were you bullied in school by jocks?

also, go ahead and make beggar simulator 2018 and see how many people buy it. :rofl:


7 out of 9 people you know played KC:D and they were female? You could know 100000 females who play KC/D and that would change nothing


It’s sad to see that so many other men are such misogynists.


It’s equally sad to see so many other men wanting to showcase how liberal they think they are by adopting a holier-than-thou attitude in the name of female empowerment. Only to then use the most cliché “you’re a misogynist” argument possible in a pathetic attempt to defame anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Look, forcing a playable woman/black guy/homosexual in to a game just for the sake of satisfying fanatics’ views of how they think the world should be is ludicrous. If WH can come up with a plausible story for a playable female character that isn’t just catering to people who run around screaming misogynist at everyone, then bloody fantastic and kudos to them. However, horseshoe bending and sword snapping Elizabeth of Pomerania aside, history does not support such a story. There’s a reason that women such as Joan of Arc or Lagertha are iconic, they were such an exception to the rule of “men do the fighting” that they were actually documented and celebrated.


Please do read up on history before you make such a sweeping statement. A quick google search found this: It’s just a short article, but it mentions some literature with further references if you want to know more. Women were almost never accepted as soldiers in an army in Europe (although there are several documented cases of women in disguise - it wasn’t just a WW1 thing to do), but that didn’t stop them taking part in violence if they so wished (such as crime). And various European folk songs feature female army generals (usually high-born women), for example. This one springs to mind, but there are lots of others: You might say that folk songs are not accurate depictions of history, but the mainstream academic view on folk songs (a field in which I have a research degree, by the way) is that they, by definition, must be based on history, even though the details obviously underwent a lot of so-called “translations” over the centuries.


Nothing there states that women adventuring, or even robbing, isn’t the exception to the rule (the “sweeping statement”) and none of that is from late 14th/ early 15th century or Bohemia, might as well have linked to the Kurds that fight in Syria today. As someone with a “research degree and a medievalist”, I am surprised you found these sources even worth mentioning.

If they limit the female character to just being a bandit or something similar, sure, but what’s the point in releasing a DLC that limits half the game options just for the sake of having a female character? They either just release a female Henry, daughter of Sir Radzig, or do a linear, story driven female protagonist DLC that cuts out a bunch of content at the same time. What’s the point in doing this other than catering to political correctness fanatics? I’d rather they just do this in a new game where the focus is on a female character straight from the beginning and the story and gameplay is specifically designed for it. Even then, I’m sure the complaints would be “why can’t we do everything Henry could?! This is misogynist!”.


the female exception to the rule is basically the male version of the superhero savior god power fantasy. just another form of the same tired skyrim and final fantasy cliche. if you want to make a female version of kcd on par with kcd as it is in terms of accuracy, historicity, realism, then don’t complain when you are constantly being mistreated, raped, brutalized,etc if you dare to do anything that modern woman take for granted. not only would it be not fun, it would make warhorse an even bigger target for the sjw morons who will comment on how women are portrayed as weak, unable to fight, picked on, no strong female lead, etc.

and as much as the soyboys like to pretend, feminity in a game just isn’t fun. violence and confrontation, competition, etc is fun and entertaining because it’s men who play these games. most women don’t want to play kcd or a female version of kcd, they want to play candy crush. games are inherently masculine. games are systematic, and the male brain is much more highly systematizing than the female brain.

hell i can tell you right now the majority of people playing tomb raider are men as well, and the reason for that is tomb raider is basically just a puzzle game+stealth hack and slasher(the modern reboots are at least), and it’s a caricature of a strong female character, by giving the character attributes that belong to men. ie goes from rape victim to killing a hundred men like a trained green beret? it’s a fantasy game.


You will play as a female character already present in the game. The quest line will be probably about facts that happened on the main quest but from a different point of view.


Anyone but Olena. :smiley:

And to answer 213, there was far less rape and mistreatment of women in the Middle Ages than there is now, and the punishment for it was a lot more severe as well (unless the man was a noble and the woman not, but that’s another matter).


What is the point of this post? The player will play as a character that never fought in combat, and was purely a tactician that refused to draw blood and was surrounded by an elite bodyguard at all time that did all the fighting for them?


That entirely depends on the context. Maybe rape was less common in city or village life, but looting/rape/pillaging was far more common during war than modern times. Most armies were not made up of professional troops, which led to a lack of discipline when dealing with the local populace and their possessions.

You’re a pretty good troll m80.


Yes. By the way, there is a lot more rape by soldiers these days than we’d like to believe. The Wikipedia article on wartime sexual violence even mentions United Nations peacekeepers as common offenders. And if we’re allowed to look a few decades back, the Soviet troops who came to Bohemia in 1945 apparently didn’t spare anyone they could find regardless of age (the pigs!) There are thousands of reported cases including many ending in death of this incident.


I’m not saying Sexual assault and looting is never perpetrated by modern armies, but it’s not dealt with the same indifference and even in some cases tact approval that it was several hundred to over a thousand years ago. Most modern armies are made up of professional troops.

You can find many accounts from the medieval period of professional troops obtaining from the looting, and even confiscating the loot from the conscripted soldiers. Conscripted troops often looted because they were not well paid, and often from poor backgrounds.

Yes I’m aware of the way the Red Army behaved in the nations they “liberated”, but i’d call that an exception, given Stalin who was an admitted rapist himself, and was perfectly okay with his solders raping their way to Berlin. And a huge portion of the Red army was made up of conscripts.


You do realise that you are only proving my point about the attitudes of people that are against having a female character in game right? No? That’s because this is all going straight over your head.


I guess you haven’t played Mount and Blade, or any of the hundreds of great games where you start out as a complete nobody. M+B is actually a great example, because you can choose to play as a female character for added difficulty. It’s not for small-testes boys like yourself though.


It dont work because girls arent strong like men is it. Its not realistic to the genre so they shouldnt put it in