Forum setting is new to me... anyone else?

Is it just me or does this forum layout seem… weird? Not in a bad way, but the way it’s organised and presented makes it hard to find topics. Also replying to the topic in general or replying to other people posts I really don’t know where to start and write in.

I know, “Get used to it Jedesis!” But it’ll take time to get to know this setup and, yes, I have read this topic Welcome to Kingdom Come: Deliverance forum!

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I think its horrible…


I was very frustrated with it when I first started using it (opened a thread saying just that, lol.) Now that I’ve gotten more familiar with it, it does get easier and I really like how streamlined it is. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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I think that after spending some time to get to know it, this system here really helps keeping the structure of a post. Its not very common and thus maybe a little complicated for new users but definetly improves the forum experience in my opinion!


The system is actually fantastic. The default view shows you most active topics on the entire boards, software actually tracks how much time you spend browsing a topic and based on that sets if you’re going to follow it or not, it always throws you to the last post red, notifies you when you’re mentioned etc. etc., AND using the categories link at the top, you can switch it to fairly traditional display. If only language specific boards worked for me…


I have to agree that this forum might be the most unusable forum I’ve ever been in.
Maybe they’ll fix it after releasing Act I.

Works fine for me. It just took a little getting used to.

Like some have already said, when I started using it I barely could understand a thing, but now I see the pure genius behind it. The quote and replies system, and the tracking how much you’ve read, are awesome.

You just need to get used to it, then you will realize it’s a lot better than other common forums.

it has some nice functions, but the layout is a waste of space literally and figuratively. :wink:

just because you can get used to it, doesn’t make it better - it just means you are flexible …

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I like it and find it easy to use and navigate.

Can i use this download section in my profile?
I want to add my Printable Early Access Cards into it!

I want to jump to pages. The constant scrolling grates on me.