Free upgrade from Knight Special Edition to Viscount?


So, I’ve just received an email about having a free upgrade from Knight Special Edition (physical) to Viscount (digital), saying digital is more ecological.

I know that I won’t upgrade because I do want some sort of physical object that testifies about how my money went to a such great game (I hope :slight_smile: ). It’s not like I don’t want to be ecological but physical goods have another feel than digital.

I wanted to know if anyone else is going to do jump or not and, most of all, why? I think it would be interesting to hear about your opinions on the subject.


Baron special and I don’t intend to do it either! Not really interested in digital goods anyway and I do like having physical copies!


I upgraded by mistake from my baron special edition to Viscount digital edition…
How am I supposed to do to revert it ?
I don’t want to have full digitial bundle.
Then, I would like the game on PS4 so a disk should be more practical.


I personally made the decision to make the switch to this particular version. Needless to say, I think it is very common for many of us gamers who have been around awhile to feel a much desired and fond attachment to the idea and experience that is accompanied with owning a physical copy of any and all games. That being said, I feel that the further production of physical media is a genuine concern when it comes to the first steps towards a better environment. If we can’t move away from physical production when it comes to a purely recreational activity, like games, in a reasonable amount of time, then we are far less likely to adapt to life without simple disposable items such as plastic cups, bags, etc. I feel it is important for us to preserve the games we have already produced however. I think it is just especially concerning that we can’t seem to break away from our old ways with something as simple as video games. It will be far more difficult to move forward if we can’t see past simple luxuries like entertainment production. I am a long time game collector and gamer, and even though I feel this way about where we should be heading as far as the gaming industry is concerned, it is still hard for me to go for the digital option. I think us gamers have an opportunity to make the first step in environmentally conscious decisions to help society move forward, purely because of the sheer amount of material that would no longer be produced if the majority of us moved forward. This industry is huge, and I think we also have a decent chance at spreading such a message through our various gaming community channels and networks here on the internet to actually have an impact. Probably more of a chance than other media outlets do. I think there is a far greater sense of comradery in the gaming community than other places in social networks. As a finishing side note, rest assured I am not affiliated with anyone here making this game to promote any of this, I am simply a gamer who has a lot of strong feelings about subjects like these. If you would like to check back on my YouTube Channel or Twitch Channel in the future when more content becomes frequent so that you can hear more of how I feel about the gaming world feel free to check out the links provided at the end of this post here. I am known as “OrangeCarve” in those places. www.Twitch.TV/OrangeCarve This is more so down the road projects, but work on them is starting now. I just felt it was important to distance myself from the developers here so that nobody makes any false claims that this forum post was in any way coming from them to promote digital copies of games. Happy Gaming. Cheers.


I did it. I couldn’t care less what i am playing the game off of.


я за физическую копию она как то ближе


It produces a lot of waste to create all this items, the DVDs, the package and it takes a lot energie to ship it all over the world, while the game works also perfectly as a download.
The Viscount does have a higher value, as it has more items in it, for example the screenplay or the digital artbook.
You have the freedom of choice. No one is forced to do this upgrade, if you prefer to have a physical game in your shelf, or it you want to change to the digital Viscount, the choice is up to you.


I happily upgraded, can’t wait to print the action figure. However I wonder if this is more about ecology or shaving some costs of producing the physical copies. :sunny: I don’t mind though and it’s optional so seems like a good deal for everyone.


I Upgraded. I had a knight pledge before,.


I had the physical Baron pledge and made the switch. I love having an actual physical copy of a game but I understand and appreciate Warhorse Studios’ message here and I think they offered some enticing upgrades. I was pretty meh until I saw the 3D model :slight_smile:


Not gonna do it. I want a physical copy.
I also would like the action figure, but not the ready to print one. That’s something I’m never gonna use.


I upgraded just a bit ago.

Long story short… I’ve got a large and aged collection of physical games and I live in the tropics. Two years ago… I found that a nesting colony of ants had infested a good deal of their cases. It was a nightmare to get that all cleaned and pest controlled. Some were irreperably damaged.

Ever since…I’ve been in the process of transitioning over to fully digital. Only keeping physical copies of games I consider “the best”, for a more streamlined “Creme of the Crop” collection.


I upgraded, too. Although I prefer the look of the “Baron” badge. :stuck_out_tongue:


But,but… why have you changed to digital? I think we agree KCD will be “THE BEST”…


N E V E Rrrrr. I think green, but I love my possesions in physical form, and I’m definitely not attracted to bonuses from the Viscount edition, and never was. I’m too old to be progressive, sorry :frowning: :smiley:


lol was searching my emails if I got the same offer then realized I already upgraded beyond viscount to the collector’s edition way back.


Theres definitely a huge financial advantage to Warhorse to get as many people as possible to switch to digital. Digital is content that’s already created. You just give more people access to it as they sign up. There are significant costs for the physical products. I don’t know what the price is now, but offering what’s essentially a physical collectors edition on the original kickstarter for £25 is a steal. They probably realized they’ll be losing money on physical product. Of course to me, I’d prefer an art book and maybe a figurine in a collectors edition. I don’t care much for a making of DVD or even the CD soundtrack (who even listens to music on CD anymore?). For that reason alone, I might switch. Even though the new stuff in digital form is nearly worthless to me as well.


Could not have put it better.

I commute to work or ride my bike, I do not throw away electronics just because a slightly improved gadget was released (heck, I finally upgraded my gaming PC after 6 years, but I still use my TFT display from around 2002). I think I’m allowed a bit of polycarbonate and polypropylene.

Heck, if WH is so concerned about the environment (and I applaud you guys for it!), why not go for a cardboard box, like in the olden days, just with the smaller form factor?


I agree a paper big box offers more room for the cover, the amount of plastic could be even reduced to the medium itself by providing a paper holding case instead of a plastic one.


I think it would be very nice to see a higher qualtity format for the Soundtrack than mp3.
I would definitly upgrade to the digital Viscount edition if the Soundtrack would be in high quality FLAC, so you could really compare it to a disc.