Frequent crashing on Xbox One


So over the last couple of days I have started to crash quite often when looking at the map or switching away from it, also sometimes when fast traveling. Its starting to get quite annoying and was just wondering if anybody else has had issues like this? According to my friend he isn’t having as many problems on his pc version and am starting to regret not getting it on that now considering how awfully it is running on my Xbox. Also the game runs at 20 fps sometimes so that is a minus aswell.


The crashing wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t have that awful save system. However the FPS problem will always be something that will always annoy me, so I hope it is something they are going to fix in a patch because I do love the game’s content but I am really starting to hate the game because of how badly it performs.


I have year one Xbox one and the game has not crashed on me. I can even leave it going in the purse menu to watch a movie then come back to the game and it’s still in the pause menu, I like it because I don’t have to load the whole game again


Sounds like it may be my xbox then, now I really wish I had gotten it for pc instead.


Other people have had the same problem and a lot of people on PlayStation, people are saying they are just waiting for the week on update for Xbox and hopefully it fixes it.


Sadly I have become addicted to the game so I have to play it before then :slight_smile:


I run on a Xbox one x and don’t have the FPS issue. However the game crashes are god aweful in this game. Every 2-3 hours I will experience one and their retard save system annoys the shit out of it.

Usually the game crashes when pulling up the menu. Guessing that’s were the data clog is.


yeah, it is really crap, this save system with the fack that the game crash a lot is really game breacking.
i do not play because i lose progress all the time because of all the bugs and crashes…


Just get snapps, I have not had a problem with saving the game at all, you can even find any bed and sleep for one hour and it will save the game not a big problem


Still unsure why there is a loading screen for a loading screen. (Game Start)


It’s not just your xbox, I know at least 7 other people who are having this problem. Going into inventory or map and then sprinting on the horse causes this game to shoot itself in the face and return you to dashboard. I love this game but the crashes are making it UNPLAYABLE as they are getting more and more frequent. I hope that WH will address this very soon. As for drinking saviors schnapps, I have over 30 of them in my inventory but my character is also a recovering alcoholic so drinking them is not the best of ideas as I’m really trying to stay abstinent lol


Trust me you’re not the only one im having the same issue on my Xbox when I fast travel or enter the map or sometimes when im riding my horse


I just played the same hr of gameplay 3 times today because when i got back to town the game crashed lol twice! its so frustrating because its such an amazing game… i did power level my alchemy making all the savior shnaps!

Does any one know when they are planning a patch?


Yep, I am playing on Xbox as well and it’s happening to me as well. Tho it’s when I enter quest log. It’s funny tho when I just started playing there was no problems and I players a whole night without problems, but now that I have gotten further into the game, it’s been crashing every 1-3 hours. Mainly when navigating the quest log or fast traveling.

I agree that this game is addictive and I usually never get addicted to any game. Sucks how unstable this is for console players…but it’s pretty typical for console players to be left behind. For example Subnautica, even tho it’s fully released on computer is still under development on console.


Yeah have had 50 crashes since release, warhorse said it’ll be fixed in a patch on xb1 soon.


Xbox one x with an ssd and I crash all the time, it’s not an isolated thing. Also had my saves corrupted after robber baron like others.


Xbox one x is closer to a gaming pc than a console, 16gb of DDR5 Ram, integrated GPU into the CPU, 2.3 with eight cores, 1.2 ghz GPU, it’s the architecture of the game not the console.


Yes, frequent crashing , mostly at map, can be at other tabs also now.

20 hours into game, Xbox One game is virtually unplayable now


I want my money back at this point


Contact Xbox support and they will refund you. They are aware of the problems of this game and that it was falsely advertised.