Frequent crashing on Xbox One


You are not the only one. I stopped playing for a week because it became unplayable as it crashed for me every 20-30 minutes. Downloaded the new patch today and was going smoothly for a couple hours but it started again so… probably not worth playing on Xbox for a few patch cycles (at least i hope its only a few…)


The Path to Salvation:


The exact same thing as I am having. Right now I am just waiting for the patch so I can complete the game and be done with it. Then whenever some good mods gets released I’ll buy it again for pc.


Not just your Xbox all Xbox after 10 - 40hours or something it starts crashing in the Quest Log and Map menus and fast travel becomes impossible had one play through and it started happening restarted a new game because of it now at 140 total hours play time between the 2 games and can’t play anymore in the new game either as I’m supposed to start the hunt and when it gets to the fast travel cut scene it crashes I spent 3 hours the other day opening the game watching the intro and loading the game just because I needed to see the name of a quest I had started that wasn’t in my 3 markers, so I could Google my objectives because I can’t use my own f@#×ing quest log! I love the idea of this game. But curentky on console it is unplayable I thought version 1.2 would fix this game breaking problem but apparently there was less important cosmetic problems they wanted to fix (sorry for the rant very frustrated wanted to enjoy this game while I had time off to do so but going back to work next week and probably never pick this game up again. That said, who do I contact for my refund?)


One day after update V1.2, and my game still crashes on OG Xbox One. I have to run to the nearest bed to save as often as possible, because I don’t know when it will crash again. Please fix this as soon as possible. Leave all the optimizations and what not alone for now, first fix the crashes, because if that persists, we can’t play the game. Thank you


Yep, I’m on my 2nd playthru because I hit the glitch on my first one where the Mill wench Theresa won’t stop following me and I can no longer talk to her and the game kept crashing and the rain looked like dog crap and things were still loading in right in front of me. The game became unplayable on the first save but then I heard of the patch so I started a new save and now I’m done with almost all the side quest altho, the murder investigation at the church is glitched and finishing that quest makes washing in a bucket, eating, waiting, sleeping, or talking make the load screen come up for 1-3mins or just crash and it wont stop so I can’t finish that quest. But besides that, as of now, after patch, 2nd character, if I open my inventory or map, crash. Running on horse, crash. Traveling, if I can open the map without crashing that is, crash. I don’t think we’re going to be able to complete this game unless they patch this thing up big time. It’s just not ready. I’m setting it down for awhile and telling all my buddies to not buy until they fix this. I love this game and it’d be the best game I’ve ever played if it would only be playable to the point were i could actually finish it. Please WH if youre reading this we seriously need help.


Plenty of Xbox problems. I’m getting regular crashes that shut my Xbox power completely off. I’ve been trying to contact the devs but no replies. Microsoft doesn’t have a refund option for the digital game. Maybe if I call them.


It is doing it to me aswell.


I’m having same problem crashing after 2 to 3 hours on Xbox one x since update they came in on Friday


As mentioned in another thread, this happens to me and a friend of mine too. Fun Fact: I own this game on PC too, but I decided to play it on my Xbox X, what a mistake…


yes me again tonight on fast travel again after 40mins I’m not playing it enymore till it is fixed its a shame love the game but becoming impossible to play


no worries no how you feel mate


yes it looks fantastic on xbox one x but no good if you carint play it


Microsoft just gave me a refund on my digital copy. Whole process took about 15 minutes.
I’ll buy the game again on sale in a few months once it’s fixed but i had just reached my wits end with the constant crashing and lost progress.


See my post below. Call them. The microsoft rep told me they’ve had a large number of complaints about KCD and he offered me a refund before i even finished explaining all the problems i’m having. As i noted, the process took about 15 minutes.


yes I bought it from shop disc copy


I once got a refund for a digital game and I still had the game in my library and I was able to play it… Anyone had that wonderful problem with KCD?


I’ve never been so lucky.


It’s not your Xbox. I have very frequent crashes on the one X so it lies within the developers. Should be fixed fast hopefully.


Well I don’t know if it is the developers. The internet app and some others always suddenly crash to the home screen for me. It’s not just KCD I think it’s more Microsoft’s fault.