Frequent crashing on Xbox One


KCD is the only game or app that is crashing for me. And KCD is the only game or app that has ever crashed to complete power off (it has done this several times too). The devs definitely have issues with their code that keep it from playing nice after a while.


With the million+ copy’s sold the smart money is on out sourcing the patch work. There’s no shame in that . This is a PR nightmare for WH Studios, and will forever tarnish this rising studio rep. If they can get it fixed fast then I won’t have a problem buying new titles they come out with. But as is, so many people will not buy the next title and just wait for the reviews to come in. And that’s gonna be there fall, before they even took flight.


I’ve wondered the same thing lol.


The first hint of a new title I’ll be backing them. They could have been worse at PR even if they weren’t the best. This company in my opinion has a bright future. As others have said it’s one of the best games I’ve played in quite awhile. Binge on it for hours a days and will continue to do so. And I disagree they should out source anything. Look at xsolla with Life is Feudal. Complete garbage customer service. No ty I’d much rather get the facts from those who actually know than from some outside company that doesn’t give a shit about anything but there pocketbook.

Also about the crashing. I’m using an Xbox One S I’ve only had 2 maybe 3 crashes in the 60 hours I have now in this game and not one save corrupt. Although I do save consistently so maybe the game never has a chance.


Yes same on Xbox one x crashing after a few hours on map


So I’ve been playing the game since release, and have gone from maybe 4-5 crashes in 2 weeks to probably about 15 today. basically seems to happen when I access the travel log, or if I linger for too long in any of the menus or the map. I’ve not had it crash in the fast travel screen (maybe once, and not today), but I saw someone post advice saying to load every time you want to access the quest log so I’m going to give that a try. Thing is, I absolutely love the game, but I can understand people’s frustrations with it particularly if they paid full price (I backed via kickstarter so didn’t pay full whack). I just feel like the game is degrading and getting worse and worse - I could leave it and play something else, but I’m really hooked…


FACK this game, crashes on me a ridiculous facking amount. And it doesn’t even save every time I sleep in my bed. FACK THE FACKING SAVE SYSTEM.


Yes it’s frustrating I paid full price for Xbox one x but love the game best I’ve played in along time keeps doing it on travel map an sometimes know play but wait for more updates hoping they will force it


Xbox One X player here & my game dashboards pretty much 90% of the time when using either the map or the quest log menu. The problem is worse when my inventory is near full & is 100% of the time when I am over encumbered. The game, while a work of art, is unplayable for me as it stands.


I agree 100%, I love the game, have had it since it came out. Just installed the latest patch, had to return the game within hours. I got to the point where I could make 3 savior schnapps on 1 batch of ingredients so I had plenty, but I had forgot to save for about 15 minutes, and it finally crashed while in my inventory screen. Game is now returned, may try again either next year or a few months whenever these bugs are ironed out, the developers work tirelessly, so I’m sure it will all get taken care of, however I don’t want to deal with the setbacks of current state, that’s not what one spends their hard earned money to do.


Give it a few more crashes and setting you back, you will lose the addiction. I love the game too but it’s too hard to forgive sometimes.


My current work around for this that seems to work, but trust me is no less annoying, is to select which quests to pursue as soon as I load into the game to keep it from crashing, use the map as little as possible and if I have made significant progress save before opening the map. Also seems to crash less if you use up on the d-pad to open map instead of inventory tabbing over to it. since it always seems to crash when opening the quest log I do not open that till I am ready to change quests and always save first. Very annoying but seems to be the best way I have found to keep from losing progress.


You need to grow up


My game only crashed occasionally before, but since the new patch came out today, it’s crashed what seams like ever 10 mins… I’m super frustrated playing tonight. It’s usually during fast travel!


Running an Xbox one and the freezing during fastravel, map and quest log has gotten worse the deeper into the main quest i’ve gotten. At first it would be 4-8 hours and that was tolerable. Getting closer to the vipers nest would be 1-3 but now at If you can’t beat em I’m freezing in a half hour from start up using one of those three elements. Freezing during fast travel I can get over but using the quest log and map is brutal as they are highly used elements of any rpg. I love this game but this is awfully maddening.


I started having troubles on one x after update 1.2.5. Every time I try to fast travel.


Yes Sir. Thats how i play since problems starts. How addicted are we?


This doesn’t fill me with confidence at all. Am on Xbox One X and performance has been great since download, until I started up at 13. 00 today. Started with slight lag when opening the map and a bit of near-distance texture rendering. Then by 15.30 it had crashed 4 times and crashed while fast travelling. Have just finished Pestilence so I expect things will get worse. Shame 'cos I really like this game and that will be tested if issues become great.


Also happens to me. So annoying. Since the patch 1.2.5 on Xbox One it crashed every now and then. Whilst fast traveling, or when you go into the inventory or switching between the slides. It happens more often now, every hour or so. That is just not acceptable. I really like this game and am not able to enjoy it, because of this. I very much hope that the next patch fixes this problem…


This issue appears to now be resolved. :+1:t3: