From the Ashes DLC feedback


Please share your thoughts and impressions. Best, worst aspects. Areas to improve. Etc

How to make KCD actually feel more realistic

For me, 2 things stand out based on Tobi’s vid:
-Locator - glad to have settlement building DLC but don’t want FO4 like micromanagement. This role seems a great balance. It shares some of better elements of Rise of the Commonwealth mod whilst adding its own interesting twists.
-trade in the north - the sacking obviously created a dead zone in the top half of the map. While great for realism, it sucks for playability. It makes the map Rattay-Sasau-bottom half centric. For me, this DLC will drive a lot more activity in the north. If there the woods in the north had more features and activities (bears, wolves :wink:, forest people :scream:), this map would be balanced and potentially stunning in its richness.


At the moment the two biggest things I can say about ‘From the Ashes DLC’ is its non-presence and its lack of a release date.

I am sure I will have a lot more to say once those two issues are resolved.


Tobi: Prepare for the new #KingdomComeDeliverance end of June :wink:


Here’s the link to tweet


So not a few more days like we kept getting told but a few more weeks :neutral_face:


Well they said soon after E3. Everyone should expect soon™ thing i quess :grinning:

But more info in next week would be nice imho.


I’m kinda getting annoyed by the lack of information. I don’t want to know everything but just basic info would be nice like a release date…And not a “in a few days” or a “end of june” just a date the DLC will be released


Very nice that you want to know that, but they work as fast as they can. It is not like a formule. Not to mention, people are going to nag about a few bugs, so they got to make sure no bugs are there.


There will always be bugs I’m fine with bugs they can be fixed. Announcing something a month ago with no real update on price or release date I’m not good with more so that media will have this information from e3


It certainly does lend itself to feeling manipulated.


New achievements for hardcore and ashes are up on steam. That is s good sign.

I am very happy with ‘end of june’. There are a lot of steam games that have their ‘soon’ going on 2+ years.


this is exactly what this game needs,I had 2 problems with this game:
first: you get like 100 of thousands and your still nobody and you cant really use your money
second : you cant really own a proper house and customize it

this DLC fixes both of these problem for me am so glad WH is listening to there fans i was one of the first people to address these issues thanks so much WH.


Yes since day 1 they listened to the fans


Soon? Soon!!! Expect that word to mean at least six months. For us veteran supporters soon was 4 years. c:


well shit…

well actually they later said end of June.


Some people are just salty


Last few nights I have been upgrading Priv… in my sleep. My favorite part is the hiring of guards and then equipping them with awesome gear. You can have as many guards as you can afford. You can design a custom wafenrock for them (mine is forest green with a gold elm tree) and set patrol and guard points. You can also command up to three of them to accompany you on missions. I usually take Fritz and Mathew with me now as I explore. Mathew prefers a longbow and axe, while Fritz likes a large two handed club with spikes on it. After taking out a few bandit camps together, we retire to the tavern for some ale. A custom brew which is brewed just for us in Priv. (also one of our best exports).

Of course none of this is real. But I am hoping it will be.


I could see some of that coming in band of bastards: designate your band members, select customized gear and fighting style for each band member, have the ability to tell tall tales/play drinking games over beer and wine (btw, why aren’t hops and grapes harvestable). a simple drinking game that avoids translation issues would be rock-paper-scissors (could make it so loser drinks or ultimate winner picks person to drink)

Another game: switch. Imagine 4 people at table. Someone picks a number between next larger number (5) and 9. Let’s say 7. First person says 1. Next person clockwise says 2. So forth until 7th person in sequence; that person says ‘switch.’ Now the direction changes to counter clockwise. So 6th person in sequence is now 8th; that person says 8. Keeps going back and forth on the multiples of 7. With each multiple, the person says switch and the direction changes. Now, if someone gets number wrong, is too slow or doesn’t say switch on a multiple, he loses. Loser drinks and the game starts over. Game (programming) wise. You can give numbers and ‘switch’ as dialog options, and you use the dialog clock (bar). You (Henry) play along following the rules. What about the others (NPCs) at the table? Each NPC gets a chance to say the correct number and a chance to say it within the right time. The more the NPCs lose (and drink), the worse their chances are. To make it fair, the more Henry loses the less time you should get.


He’s not being salty, he’s just referencing an old joke.