From the ashes - dlc


the Sasau infirmiry also has a bed. one i used generously in playline 1

there are so many beds available to Henry. (it’s crazy.) the bed of home therefore requires some differentiation. such differentiation doesn’t exist.


Oh, I was speaking specifically to P.Slav beds with a sleep/save vs just sleep.

You are right, sleep/save is available a lot…why I was confused on the original outcry for a better save mechanic. Also, Schnapps being ridiculously easy to amass


Like a 70% increase in rest rate. If you have the wandere perk in your home bed it won’t apply. ( -90 normally)


You can for sure sleep/save on the benches in the tavern behind the dice players and in the the Rathouse…there is another actual bed vs a floor mat and it is either in the guardhouse or the tavern, I cannot recall at the moment.


nice catch. don’t have that perk :slight_smile:

btw, the blanket hanging over the side of the bed opposite Henry’s… that’s gonna irritate the hell out of people who are OCD/neat freaks


normal real bed only yields 50. a pile of straw in a box yield 30(+40) with the perk. your home bed should do more.
Do you sleep better in a hotel bed or the one in your home?


Thank you for your constructive and detailed feedback, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


The economist found a deft way to spend some of that huge pile of groschen. Those expenditures are actually investments that lead to even greater wealth accumulation than before. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: what an economist! :rofl::joy:

We lack a means to keep spending. :flushed::money_mouth_face: Festivals, commissioned goods (like Daddy’s sword), upgrade guard equipment (Magdeburg instead of Fearnot swords; Metal plated battle axe instead of Cooper’s axe; etc), and similar such stuff would be ways to cut into the surplus Prokop et al have so generously enabled for us :slightly_smiling_face:

Priorities. This is the 4rd tier for ashes improvement. Home features mentioned above are 1st. Combat mechanic with Henry and guards as well as redesigned Rathaus 2nd. Enriched bailiff activities 3rd.


You’re welcome! I genuinely hope Prokop, Tobi and the others who’ve invested blood, sweat and tears into KCD take the feedback in the manner intended… to offer feedback to aid in making KCD sublime and arguably the best RPG ever :v:


Depends upon how drunk I am…


Because tone of voice ISNT conveyed via posts…

I am pro WHs success. I wish you all the very best.

My reason for not having the DLC now is simply one of keeping my game optimal.
I see major value in ANY DLCs that expand the gameplay and player agency in a game I will clock up thousands of hours in.

Value has never been my concern. (You give me that aplenty)

The general public will use an attatched cost to the DLC as criteria to mark it by, and I truly believe letting this one out the gate ‘unpolished’ and not having aimed for an eleven (Or at least 8s) as the review scores was a very missed opportunity.
One I believed that livechat was going to make right.
Why-? Because everyone was going to be watching!

We just needed reassurance

Explaining with one sentence “we like to polish all our products and look forward to delivering more”…

As silly as it sounds,… some form of accountability gives trust…

(Just cause I want to plug Des’ work so much)

《Cause it didnt fit with flow 100%, sideways…》

Squandered opportunity where three weeks of more polish and having valuable feedback from a core audience (well represented here on your own games’ forum) could have netted this game a much stronger reception.
Because it still can, I figured it would be Warhorse’ top priority right now to restore consumer trust.
A core part of your audience, myself included, believe you will deliver- I’ve seen too much constant dedication to think otherwise-… but people on the fence and uncommited to a purchase, and trying to understand your product might want to read about it, and when they do they need to understand your vision.

Obviously the new DLC will be worked upon.
That isnt my issue.

My issue is your need to make the easy money.
If you have to work for breadcrumbs, then voice talent and soundtrack recordings and all the stuff that makes this product so grand become unaffordable in similarly grand ways.
If your base unit sales, worth considerably more money, were in any way your main focus- all press and DLC release would be tiered as such.

Increased base product sales net more income that the DLC is likely to EVER achieve.

Make the DLC great and the base product sales will increase too. (If only for attracting a wider audience from DLC offerings)

At the risk of repeating myself:
increase BASE UNIT sales is where the focus should be, obviously more playerbase is more sales FOR ALL future DLCs

Heres a page out of Des’ book cause this stuff works:

I see value in what your studio is making.
Wouldnt have voted for you (with my wallet) if that wasnt so.

My question on these forums was to guage how your livefeed came across, and whether a few key points were addressed/handled.

I understand we are in PR mode presently.

If you’re missing opportunity to sell more product and be creatively more free because of the increased financial position; then I want to help.

Consensus around the web seems to be that livefeed came off as a glorified add.
Now selling into any given culture is a ‘thing’, many books written on that topic.

Much of what is being shared, if presented SLIGHTLY differently (choice of words can really matter), would make for a really strong presentation. Even with an unfinished/polished product.

It is about selling to customers based on the way they buy.
To quote Des Hunt people buy two things:
The answer to a problem
Good feelings

These forums can net a community fostering both.

Put us monkeys to work.
We can build four core teams (one for each platform, and a control with all platforms represented) and we would give viable feedback.

For the token cost of letting us have DLC a bit early (and any requisite game patch that goes with it) the product wpuld improve and an knformale survey about our feelings towards it could give a few suggestions.

For a few hundred $ (eg value of proposed DLCs) for just a few fans from ‘all the walks’ to give unprecedented forum utilisation would be a postive flow on for the community here.

And we are the best free press you can rent.



@DrFusselpulli feedback of the sort Whitedragem, others and I provided above is available to WH at any time. the only thing that keeps it from being actionable prior to launch is WH creating a pre-launch platform (via webex, forum, livestream, whatever)



quite a few errors in there…

My phone died when I went to fire up the camera (very dodgy battery) so the post was written over two visits and train of thought / pacing sufferered.

Not forgetting to promote Des’ work

He’s worth a head bow (my apoIs for ‘sideways’), certainly more than the 5O¢ shown.


I notice quite a trend on Steam. The reviews started with 68% positive first time I looked and now every day or 2 days the percentage drops with 1 percentpoint. Now it is on 62%. This means recent reviews are getting more and more negative. I wonder how far it will drop. If it goes below 60% It to me is a big red flag showing that there is a big chance of dissappointment were I to buy the DLC.


How many of you can’t spell. Holy crap. Its BACKERS not BAKERS. This is not a reply yo whitedragon sorry bud.


I really wish that devs would open more space to build in Pribyslavitz because area looks half empty for no reason and that maybe bandits attack it from time to time to have some little battles…

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On my first playthrough I had to judge whether to form some sort of militia or not. I opted not to, because I was about to build the barracks.

In later playthroughs, I have not been given this option. Anyone with similar or different experiences?