From the ashes - dlc


Well, nothing really new then. I think a ban is warranted, especially if he was using multiple accounts. That he was trolling a lot is quite obvious and in many cases he joined discussions without adding anything to said discussion.

Thanks for explaining and now I will stop with the OT.


It’s about time something was done about him.
Better extremely late, than never.


I was on vacation last week, so I was not able to react.
I don´t want users to get banned without my permission, so @Urquhart did the right thing and suspended him till the moment I was back from holiday, to prevent further harm. Then we discused with several moderators about the case, and I also want to thank @McWonderBeast and @DonHart for their help and further investivations here.
The user was warned several times, and suspended before, so he knew that he can´t behave like this in the forum. Now he created multiple accounts to flag posts which he didn´t liked, which also showed a weak-point in the system to me.
The consequence is, that he is now suspended permanetely, and I changed the settings of the forum. Now the barrier for an auto-hide of posts by flagging is higher AND a message is going out to us as moderators if this happens, so if somebody will abuse the system again, we will notice about it and react way faster.


I don’t really care about the runt himself. He was pretty obvious. Gonna miss the little scamp :smiley:

The system in place was more irritating than said runt. It’s good you have changed this to be more effective.

Hope it was a good vacation. Get Back to work bish. Whip cracks …


Don’t know who this Kirksty is but looks a bit queer like.


Careful mate; yours is a new account and we are ‘on the lookout’

(We know he will be back)

He wasn’t so bad… he was the gromit surfer,… someones kid brother. Came across as being a lot younger than the majority here.
I kinda saw him as a character from those old looney tunes cartoons. Chester, a google search revealed…

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And of minor concern, he also used multiple accounts to subvert a poll and he had the gall to insinuate he did so


So, whats the verdict…

Is FtA an evolving project that will net more content and gameplay in the future?

I understand a few objects will be rolled into it in future updates- but having not seen the livestream or followed up on any wider internet discussion about it; did they apologise that it didnt hit its mark out the gate, and say something to the effect of ’ we wanted to give it asap for all the users saying they had too much money and nothing to do’…

Have they mentioned anthing to the effect that we have only been given a part of it and it will unfold more as future DLCs roll out etc… (synergy and cross promotion)(watching 30 rock)


you can watch a video of the live stream on the Mixer link under “videos”, taht’s where I watched it; or most of it anyway.


or tweet them, seems to be the best way to get a response from the devs


Ive no real practical net access.

I dont move much other than text via my data on my phone (gotta save those MBs for KCD patches)

Was just hoping someone could confirm if theyve mentioned that the product is bigger than we think it is. (Maybe via their plans for its’future)


We are preparing the livestream video for Youtube right now, I work on the thumbnail at the moment :slight_smile:


NOPE! Seem surprised that the reception wasn’t showered in virtual roses, ignored the hard questions and only glowed the safe and complimentary ones and Prokop definitely did not the 65% user score. and kept referring to endgame play use of it as ( not blatantly ) incorrect way to do ( i.e.: not their way).


The next DLCs will be more interesting for endgame players, as they will have their own dedicated questlines. From the Ashes was build for the users, who were asking for a home for henry, the ability to become a Lord & rule and is also an answer to the economy issue of the late game stage. This was all very much requested by the community.

Here is the livestream

Any DLC to improve end-game experience?

Just patch the game so I can see dirt and blood on armour and clothes again, the DLCs can wait.


it’s your fault you dumped money into it and were left unsatisfied. You’re right you shouldn’t have to restart to play it and you don’t…it’s just better. Like it or not there are better ways to do stuff, and you chose the worse way :confused:


can’t console those who don’t want it. It’s no ones fault but the play in how they choose to experience FtA. I personally chose to restart and try out HC mode purposefully a few days before FtA launch so I would be lined up at Baptism right around when the DLC released…and I did not get to dump a bunch of money in and ruin the DLC for what it was and I didn’t miss out on any NPCs…the two biggest complaints of the DLC.


I watched the stream…live.
being as a one who did the DLC successfully to the point of self support and a treasury of 967K G and wealthy, 1/2 way through the game after doing the DLC there was no real reason to go back there that the towns did not offer and I still made another 100k+ on top of the 1.1 million. Also once built there is nothing to do in or around the place that would relate to it. as mentioned in multiple threads.
the judging I did had no real impact on the DLC that recruiting didn’t cover. to do anything in the place I hafta stop/ save/ quit/strip mods / restart/ do something/ stop/save /quit/reload mods/ restart and leave/ .
I play the game with mods since I started & this procedure is such a PIA is why I about don’t go back.
The way it messed with mods is another reason not to go back. Outside of the place I can run what mods still work despite 1.6 & dlc, inside is strictly vanilla, so it was more of a Blah annoyance.
Also since the DLC I have seen weird things and way out of place NPC’s and NPC in their underwear that are normally not. Then in a later load up and play later are dressed.
currently with no mods the archery master in the hamlet is invisible except for his floating weapons and no way to talk or pickpocket It is like he isn’t there.


thank you for your engagement. it’s much appreciated.

Look forward to the new content

When reading, it can be hard to detect tone. is the writer being sarcastic, snarky, sincere, etc?

I’m being sincere in asking the following questions.
(Q1) What specifically makes the enhanced Rathaus home?
(A1) To use a frame of reference… in Agile software development there’s a concept of developing around user stories. what are the ‘home’ user stories? For most players and people, basic homemaking tasks include bathing, setting out your next day’s attire (eg putting your stuff on weapon & armor racks), doing laundry, repairing clothing and shoes, placing your books in bookshelves/cases, and adding a decoration or two. none of these features or user stories of home are enabled in ashes. that is why so many diehard KCD players find it hard to call Pribyslavitz home.

(Q2) what favorably distinguishes said home from Henry’s first place, Chez Peshek?
(A2) I can think of little to nothing. At Miller Peshek’s, Henry has his own chest and sleeps in a room with 3 beds. the enhanced Rathaus offers the same, but Henry sleeps with strangers (the guard and woman who sleep there are unnamed NPCs with whom he cannot engage in a dialog). In Pribyslavitz, Henry can’t even ask many obvious named friends and neighbors to come to his home (eg. Theresa, Alex, Antonia, Beran). the enhanced Rathaus has a detached alchemy lab and herb garden but those aren’t (near) universally accepted features of a home. they make a basal home better.

to me, the Locator is a master stroke but not the rest. the Rathaus doesn’t look like any of the others. the others are offices. the enhanced Rathaus in Pribyslavitz has no desk. no bookcase/shelf, and no receiving area. the entrance foyer is a kitchen and it makes the ledger look like a cookbook.

Judgement is a nice mechanic. but, there are some fundamental aspects of bailiff that are missing. Henry doesn’t get to initiate dialog with his ciitizens in order to get to know them better. he can’t engage them at a table in drink and conversation (like the Skalitz bailiff). no occasional drinking-talking mini-game. no final call patrol (like Uzhitz bailiff).

some aspects of Judgment are a bit incongruous. one case involves crapping near the town stream, and yet the trader’s crapper effectively dumps into the stream. the judgment involving recruiting woodcutters and laborers for protection is fine conceptually. per the ashes poll though, it’s obvious that players don’t want disembodied town protection decisions, they want an actual combat mechanic in defense or attack using the guards under the bailiff’s command. admittedly, this is a bit of a stretch feature but it would add immensely to the value of ashes as a home where Henry has a vested, first hand involvement in its development, maintenance and protection

speaking of command. a minor style point. in the hierarchical and deferential medieval era, citizens and direct reports (ie guards) calling the master bailiff by his given name (Hal/Henry) seems peculiar

WH ironically set the bar high with its own well crafted stories involving bailiffs. bailiffs matter. we want Henry to matter more.

In the console version, this game is ugly
Another week without f*** patch, good job WH!
What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!

at least you get a real bed and a world chest after upgrade. You also have a real bed in the guardhouse ( think, maybe the tavern)…I keep finding new stuff lol